Start-Ups means ‘just started’, a startup is a company which just begins to develop. These companies use to enter into a marketplace with their new innovative ideas & products. Startups are generally small and initially financed & controlled by their founders. They have the products which they can sell to a large market and they also expected to grow rapidly.

Every startup requires a ‘logo’ which is a unique identity of their product which they want to offer to general public or a particular segment and to cater their needs with that logo.

Requirement of Logo for startups

Startups are the companies which develop rapidly and for making a different identity they need a unique ‘Logo’ which helps the startup to get recognition in the marketplace. It gives credibility in the mind of the customers or consumers and it will also help to build trust & existence in the public. Potential customers or consumers, investors or stakeholders and everybody else who should get to know your company do not have a lot of time. So, the first thing they are going to see your ‘Logo’ only.

For Example:

  1. Right Tick denotes Nike
  2. A Leopard denotes Puma
  3. A wallet denotes Paytm
  4. Four Rings Denotes Audi

Each and Every company has a logo to represents its value but not all the logos have the potential of taking the business effectively. However, In the present world, it’s very tough to set up in the market without a logo. The logo is like a picture which is easy to recall and the people can interconnect it to the company. It is absolutely essential for a logo to have a meaning, to present something precise and incomparable to the unconscious mind of the customers or consumers, to set it apart from the rest of the competition.

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Like, If you see Amazon logo, it has a tick at the bottom moving from A to Z that means delivering everything from A to Z.

Some of the Successful Startups Logo Evolvement

In India, there are many startups opened and get funded and become big and the most important investment they have done so far is to revamp and in redesigning of their Logos.

Let us see how old and new logo looks of some of the successful Indian Startups:


Why Redesign of Logos is important for existing Startups

All companies must have many reasons to change their logos and it is difficult to identify the precise reason. But few possible reasons are as follows:

  • Due to Changes in Organization
  • Change in market direction
  • Change in taste of time and people
  • To remove prospective obstructions
  • Due to merger and to denote that merger
  • To move with the wave of change in the world.

It is important to change with the passage of time and need to regularly distribute the new things among the product users so that they would always feel that they are getting new things always and they are moving ahead or in equality with the others available in the industry.

So, Startups choosing a right name with the right logo is always and important and getting the same logo protected is equally important at that time. To Precise the long cut short, one can easily file the trademark of their logo with the help of any attorney or himself on Intellectual Property website of Indian Government.

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