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Robotic technology is disrupting the world and human life. In India, Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading startup in this segment which aims to revolutionize education industry mainly and other industrial sectors through its robotic software. Read here to know all about how the efforts made by this startup is supporting research and development in robotic industry.

Pune-based Robolab is a robotic startup which is in learning, exploration and building of robots and industrial automation since three and half years. The startup aims to drive change in education industry through robotic innovations and automation. According to Amol Gulhane, Co-Founder, Robotic Technologies, “Our aim to make a complete platform where everyone can learn, experiment, explore and building of robots.” Amol Gulhane is a robotic technology enthusiast who is focused on developing robots for everyone.

The Idea


Robolab is started in September 2013 by two graduates — Amol Gulhane and Pratik Deshmukh — from the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) in association with the BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (BIEL), the Incubation centre of the College of Engineering, Pune [COEP]. Gulhane says, “Robolab is a result of our precise efforts as we want to take a serious attempt to transform the Indian education system. We want to provide a better platform to the students to sharpen their skills & talent so that they can create better employment opportunities for them self and others.” Pratik, Co-Founder, Robolab Technologies added, “Robolab is very own, on campus, centre of Excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation, tailor made for students. It is equipped with all the advanced technologies used in various industries.”

Unique Features


Robolab model is designed in a way that allows developing an advanced state of the art technical research facility within the campus. These facilities work closely with institutions and the industries to provide all facilities for practical experience along the required theory. Other key features include;

  • A superior quality and advanced robot study platform
  • Organize industry-institute interaction sessions frequently for knowledge sharing
  • Follow standard guidelines and essentials
  • Organize training sessions by industry experts
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The startup offers training courses for the students of associated institutions consistent with the latest requirements of different industries. Deshmukh explains, “We believe in providing innovative and interactive training under the industry experts and followed the same while establishing the Robolab. This empowers the trainees to manage the Robolab in future. Our planned ROI model ensures the educational as well as financial returns. We have some standard Robolab offerings and we also customize as per the needs of the institute.”

Robolab is a technology driven startup with special offering for education and other sectors as it is providing student centric learning robotic tools according to different industries needs. However to set out everything to achieve goals, the startups have reached to 12 institutions broaden pan India. It is also closely working with the Indian Military. Gulhane confirms, “We are associated with 12 institutions in 7 states in India and also working for Indian Military.”

Know the Team


The team that works behind the startup is a right mix of robotic technology and business skills that are required to run an innovative company successfully. Amol Gulhane is a robot lover by himself and carries experience of manufacturing of multi type of task specific industrial robots. He is also a specialist in creating and designing of educational and defense robots. He is an expert in digital image processing, design analysis, embedded programming and optimization. On the other hand, Pratik Deshmukh, who also knows the robotic technology well, brings a right mix of both business skills and technology that is a must to form a great innovative company. He has a technical education background and understands extensive areas of sciences too.

Overpowering Challenges

Before other startups, Roolab has already built a strong base with a pan India reach. So far, there are two big competitors in the school Robolab sector, viz., Think labs and Next lab, which have evolved in this business and are successful. Gulhane says, “There are some who are trying to establish a part of the complete solution that we offer. However the reason for existence of those companies is entirely different. We do not consider them as competitor. We have the first mover advantage not only because we were the first but also because we are giving the best possible solution for the problems institutions and students are facing.” According to him the market is in the nascent stage of growth and competitiveness. Currently, there are only a few competitors but their main aim is on selling just the services but not the products entirely. He adds, “There is one company that presently offers the same services that we do. We are sure we can out do them. We consider this as an advantage for us as having them in the market will be constantly giving us the necessary push to keep developing and doing better. Our motto is to provide customers the service, along with our products and the personal touch to each and every member associated with the lab through our trainings and workshops.”

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To hit the competition, Robolab is going to provide customized products and services.

The startup is associated with the think tanks of research and development field to provide immediate technical solutions for every demand of institutions and other customers. It is taking technologies to masses through robotic and automation to become a global player by providing effective Robotics and Automation Services and Solutions. Both the co-founders conclude, “We want take robotic technology to the masses to help society to develop skills & intellectual capital & advancement in the field of Robotic and Automation.”

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