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In the early days of social media, tracking social media analytics was a big deal. Often, the only way to do it was by using free tools provided by web hosting companies. At best, the most one could tell was where their social traffic was coming from. These days, the problem is finding an ideal tool. There are literally hundreds of tools on the market.

In this article, we help you navigate this maze by telling you about the best five in-depth social media analytics tools. A small hack before we plunge into the tools a social media dashboard could do a great job at monitoring and assessing the overall performance of your SMM. However, if you want to use a tool with a lot of insight, let’s look at the top tools on the market today:

1. Google Analytics

This is perhaps the easiest way to get a comprehensive idea of how good or bad each social network is performing. Best of all, it’s free and has extensive features. For example, you can view your social referral traffic in comparison to total visits and see the percentage of traffic emanating from each network. Network Referrals provides you with much more information such as the total page views and the average duration of pages per visitor. Visitors Flow is another nifty feature that shows you which pages of your website visitors are visiting and which social networks the visits emanate from. This data helps you understand which networks are delivering value for money and which need to scrapped altogether.

2. HootSuite

If you have been following social media for a while, then you know that one of the biggest indicators of your social media presence is mentions. These social signals are now a ranking factor in all search engine algorithms. Hootsuite makes it easy to track these mentions and streamline your campaign. It also happens to be one of the most popular social media analytics platform boasting over 600 million users. In addition to mentions, HootSuite also allows you to track the number of followers you have across all the major social networks. Other stats include; daily growth and user activity. You can also analyze your fan base demographically by using a number of criteria such as region, type of device and language. Data is easy to absorb via the more than 30 modules containing charts and graphs. HootSuite is also available as a mobile application which allows you to keep track of your social media analytics anywhere anytime.

3. SproutSocial

For many businesses, SproutSocial is the social media analytics tool of choice. It offers a wide range of features that cover just about every facet of social media with powerful analytics. These features include:

  • Incoming and outgoing messages.
  • The number of followers across all your networks.
  • Total number of brand mentions.
  • Impressions per message/post and the number of people reached.

All these are important because they help you to identify the content that’s creating the most engagement and hence replicate the same in future. You are also able to determine how well your brand is doing against the competition. This is possible through the creation of social scores tied to engagement and influence and, measuring these against the competition.

4. Simplify 360

If you are looking to a tool that lets you quickly identify trends and measure your brand power against competitors, then Simplify 360 is definitely a cut above the rest. The tool allows you to listen to what your customers are saying about you and provides you with a means to act on the feedback. With Simplify 360, you never miss out on any conversations relevant to your brand on any of the major social networks. Some of the features include:

  • Alexa rank of blogs sharing your content
  • Audience intelligence
  • Demographics
  • Engagement and influence scores
  • Industry trend monitoring
  • Performance comparison of different social media accounts
  • Real-time performance tracking of posted content
  • Traffic volume from various sources

5. Simply Measured

Are you struggling to patch together audience and influencer insights with the right channels and content? Simply Measured allows you to make better decisions with a full view across the major social channels. Some of the features of Simply Measured include:

  • Quickly determine which of your content and campaigns work and, zero in on the channels that work.
  • Unify data across channels so that you can compare like data.
  • Analyze and compare both your own and competitive social profiles.
  • Use demographic analysis to learn about your audience and what resonates with them.


These are our favorite social media analytic tools. But, this isn’t a must-use list. As your business grows, your needs will become more specific and you will realize that some platforms are more suited to your needs. So, consider this list a general guide to get you started analyzing your social media.

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