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Valued at $30 million Indore-based WittyFeed.com became India’s No.1 viral content sharing website so quickly and and the world’s second largest in terms of traffic numbers. It is not just another website. It is a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers and consumers.

Wittyfeed.com is currently valued at $30 million. The company registered a revenue of Rs. 26 crores in the last FY and expects to cross Rs. 50 crores this year. The company is looking to expand more in the US market as it contributes to company’s 30% traffic.


Many websites become successful in viral content domain in the last decade! WittyFeed.com is the top visited viral content website in India and second in the world with more than 250-300 million monthly page views. Headquartered at Indore, WittyFeed shares beautiful stories and hand-picked content according to everyone’s interest in the form of blogs, videos, photos, and listicles. Most of its viral content is related to technology, lifestyle, celebrities, food, humour and travel etc. It is the 1st website from India that serves the world in such huge numbers. Let’s check out more about its growth story. Vinay Singhal, Co-founder & CEO Wittyfeed.com will tell you everything from start to the point today it is.

Keys that Made Success Sure

WittyFeed.com success story proves that entrepreneurship is independent of geographical boundaries. Three young entrepreneurs from Indore started this website in September 2014 from a small hostel room with literally no revenue! Today WittyFeed.com is valued at $30 million with registered revenue of Rs. 26 crores in the last FY. It is expected to cross Rs. 50 crore this financial year. Now the company is looking to expand in the US market as it contributes to company’s 30% traffic. Vinay Singhal, Co-founder & CEO Wittyfeed.com informs, “We are currently one of the biggest clients of Google from India, and big media buying companies that are eager to get our ad inventory. We are the first company from India to be among the top 75 most read websites in the US and the top 25 in the UK. Also, we are ranked in the top 200 websites in the world by Alexa.”

Business Model

As the conventional marketing techniques are replaced with “social media marketing”, so, brands are increasingly moving toward creating content and stories that deliver their messages interestingly to the target audiences. WittyFeed, being a content specialist, has evolved as a one-stop “content exchange” for all these brands. Singhal explains, “We have a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers, and consumers. We are following a three-pronged business strategy with different options. First, we are providing original and globally relevant content across several categories. Second, other than being a growing and sustainable ecosystem for content, we are also emerging as a brand empowerment tool.”

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Brands just need to share an original message, detail about target audience, and budget; WittyFeed will take care of the rest of things to make sure that the intended brand message goes viral. Singhal says, “The uniqueness of our entire system is that everything is trackable and tech driven. Apart from this, we are also specialized in Programmatic Advertising. We work with the largest of ad networks, ad exchanges, DSPs and trading desks where all these players buy WittyFeed’s display ad inventory in real time. This is our major source of revenue at this moment.”

Bootstrapped To Turn Idea into Reality

So, how did the idea of WittyFeed.com strike? Singhal replies, “In 2010 we had created a Facebook page called “Amazing Things in the World” which went on to garner with 4 Million followers. We want to monetize these audiences, so, we built a website, inserted ad sense and started our journey. Later we realized that not having good or enough content was a common problem. That is when we came up with the idea of starting a platform that would have original content in a myriad of categories. In September 2014, we launched WittyFeed which is now a one-stop platform for content creators, consumers, and ‘publishers.” “With 80-120 million unique visitors to our site every month and more than 250-300 million monthly page views, we are still a Bootstrapped company,” he adds.

Team Building

All the co-founders have always been entrepreneurs by nature and by their work. Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal, and Shashank Vaishnav are three minds working simultaneously behind the WittyFeed. Singhal adds, “Shashank is my childhood friend and we were in engineering college together, where the idea of entrepreneurship germinated first. We all found our calling and started working together. Parveen is my brother and has been always been my pillar of strength. I have completed my primary education from native place Bahal, a small town in the Loharu Tehsil in the Bhiwani district in Haryana. Later, I joined prestigious SRM University, Chennai to pursued B.Tech – Computer Science (2009 – 2013).” Shashank Vaishnav (26) completed his initial education at Badnagar and later moved to Indore for higher education. He too has studied B.Tech – Computer Science from the SRM University, Chennai (2009-2013). On the other hand, Parveen Singhal (21) is the third strong pillar of support to WittyFeed.com. He has done BSc, Information System Management from the SRM UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI. He has whacky ideas to make things go viral and that is why he is popularly known as Viral King.

o- Founders,Wittyfeed (L-R) Parveen Singhal Vinay Singhal & Shashank Vaishnav

Co-Founders, Wittyfeed (L-R) Parveen Singhal Vinay Singhal & Shashank Vaishnav

Not Conquered by Challenges

The entrepreneurial journey for this trio was tough & challenging. According to Singhal, “Initially, it was like a roller coaster ride with numerous ups and downs. Like any other budding entrepreneur, we also had to go through various challenges, the foremost being picking the right business, creating a unique market and financing the project. We faced a huge business challenge when one of the major ad networks mistook us as a spam site and suspended our ad sense account not once but three times. It has been a long journey of 7 years, which have consumed our days, our nights, our weekends, and our holidays! We were left with almost no money nearly 8 times. We’ve faced all this without our families being in the know. Even today when we have achieved stability and credibility, we continuously face the challenge to be innovative and sustain the growth that we have achieved this far.”

When asked how they have overpowered these challenges, Singhal replies, “We have overcome all challenges by facing each adversity head-on and never giving up. We never lost ‘hope’ – No matter what other people told us.”
WittyFeed has sustained growth without raising funds. It has been a bootstrapped startup so far. Singhal confirms, “We have been a bootstrapped company so far. We have never raised funds till now. However, currently, we are in talks with some investors so that we can bring more of our ideas to life.”

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Awarded For Excellence

WittyFeed aims to become the World’s Largest Viral Content Company. It has recently won the ‘Fastest Growing Company in IT Sector’ award from the All India Achievers Foundation for which a felicitation function was organized in Bangkok.

WittyFeedhas have recently been a part of case studies at two giants – Google and Facebook. Google has selected Wittyfeed to be a part of an elite group of start-ups for a case study on successful companies using their products.
Facebook has conducted a case study on WittyFeed for using their flagship Programmatic product – Audience Network.

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