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Airtel is the fastest ISP provider in India says Netflix’s ISP Speed Index for January 2017. Netflix’s ISP speed index, which is available on the website, basically measures prime time performance of Netflix on Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world.

On top of the list is Airtel, which has an average speed of 2.25Mbps and managed to climb up one spot in the rankings. Airtel is closely followed by Spectranet, which has an average speed of 2.10Mbps. 7 Star Digital is on third spot followed by Atria, Hathway and YOU Broadband. See Complete Ranking here.


Netflix India ISP speed index

According to Netflix, this ISP Speed Index should not be taken as measure of the overall performance for services and data. But it does give a good idea on which are the best ISPs to keep in mind if you are a Netflix user in India.

Netflix lists the average prime time bitrate for their content streamed during a particular month in this Index. The speed is measured via all available end user devices, says Netflix. The company does not include Netflix streaming via cellular data.

The Netflix ISP speed index makes it clear this is just for the content being streamed on the site. It should also be noted broadband providers giving users options for various speeds on their broadband connection. For instance, Airtel offers 8Mbps, 16Mbps line as well 50Mbps depending on the plan.

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