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Native Advertising is a term which has taken the centre stage across all digital marketing companies and service providers out there. The fact that native advertising has the power to turn the whole story around for your blog/ website and its content is what makes it a sure shot strategy for not only inviting the target audiences; rather also ensuring user retention to a very large extent. So what exactly is native advertising?

Introduction to Native Advertising

Basically, native advertising refers to a kind of paid advertising where the whole idea of advertising goes in sync with the functioning and vision of the user experience that one expects from any particular kind and genre of website on the internet. In other words, we can say that native ads are supposed to naturally blend into the look and feel of a website/ blog and at the same time bring in more traffic inflow. Native advertisements are a blessing from monetization context and they match the visual design and integrity of a website in order to maintain harmony with the content present on it.

Looking at the benefits of this new age digital marketing technique, more and more content marketers are turning towards these native advertisements in an attempt to build trust and loyalty among their audiences and also for ensuring long term user engagement, which seems to be a tedious task with those traditional marketing.

How AdNow Contributes to Native Advertising?

If you are even faintly related to the world of content marketing, then AdNow is probably a name you have heard plenty of times! AdNow has, over all these years, carved a distinctive niche for itself in the native advertising industry and the fact that it offers mainstream widget-based native advertisements is what makes it a must have service for your website. The ease and simplicity with which AdNow embeds those native ads along with the content present on your website can work wonders for your online business, both in terms of user engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Be it monetization, availability of optimized content, or making your social presence known across different social websites, AdNow has the capability of taking care of each and every aspect of content marketing.

In Vladimir Bashkin, the Business Development Director of AdNow’s words:

“People tend to forget that money is the means, not the end. Your profits are a mere tool to achieve a higher goal. In AdNow case, money always were just a thing to spend on quality, because what is the point of high profits if public opinion about you is low? Our minds were always set on worldwide coverage and we’ve achieved the result of over 160 000 partners from 114 countries in recent 2 years. We’ve worked hard, we’re proud of results and we’re not going to stop. I am sure that when money became your only concern you’re about to fail.”

With enough said about the concept and perks of native advertising, let us take a look at the top 5 reasons why native advertising will dominate in 2017

Content Recommendation is the Key

Look at some of the most popular websites on the internet and you will see content recommendation widgets across all established channels. These widgets extract information from the metadata used by a reader and recommend content, hence ensuring more monetization options for publishers and optimized content for readers!

going Mobile is the trick

With more and more people accessing the internet using their mobile phones, it seems that this irreversible trend is going to stay here in the long run. As a result, both publishers and marketers need to serve and maintain their audiences with a native advertising strategy that brings the magic of native ads on mobile devices and on desktops as well.

utilizing the power of visuals

The extent of effectiveness and relevance which visuals bring to your content is very evident these days. Include quirky visuals and dramatic native advertisements for bringing the best out of the content.

don’t hesitate to spend on native advertisements

With native ads continuing to receive mainstream acceptance and recognition in the online content marketing community, it is being estimated that there will be huge amount of money spent on different kinds of native ads, such as social native ads, sponsored ads, and native- style display advertisements.

here comes “programmatic native advertising”

Since a very gigantic amount of content is being uploaded on the internet each day, it is becoming tougher for people to reach the right content. In order to ensure better reach and discovery, programmatic native ads will come into action! Taking help from real-time data collected on the basis of impressions, it will make sure that the most relevant ads are placed across all websites.

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