, the platform for Authentic Conversational Commerce, has announced the closing of a $3 million seed investment led by Costanoa Ventures with support from SV Angel. The funding will enable to build out its platform that enables brands to easily and affordably acquire, engage, and transact with consumers via popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and iMessage. was founded in 2016 by Mahi de Silva, Manoj Malhotra and Mark Fruehan, co-founders of AdMarvel, which evolved into Opera Mediaworks, the third largest mobile advertising company in the world.

Leaning on their success automating the buying and selling of mobile advertising, Botworx’s leadership team is now focused on building a bot creation and management platform that allows brands to use chatbots and messaging services not just for customer service and retention, but for acquiring customers. The platform features full lifecycle management and analytics, an AI-powered natural language engine and industry-leading commerce, trust and security features.

“Chatbot technology is a leapfrog opportunity for brands to elevate ephemeral digital marketing campaigns into engaging and long-lived conversations with consumers”, said Mahi de Silva, CEO of “Despite all of the technological innovation, marketing is still done one campaign at a time, where brands have very limited access to audience profile and engagement data. We’re building to give brands greater power to acquire customers, engage them with content and monetize the engagmenet.”

“ is building an end-to-end platform that allows businesses to message directly with consumers instantly without having to open a separate app,” said Neill Occhiogrosso, Partner at Costanoa Ventures. “This will change the way businesses engage with their customers, allowing every interaction to be personalized and one-to-one.”

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Prior to founding AdMarvel/Opera Mediaworks, the team built the Mobile Messaging and Content business at VeriSign, inter-connecting over 300 mobile operators around the globe and pioneering SMS messaging and marketing campaigns for customers such as TV’s American Idol, Citi and Lufthansa. Co-founder Arvind Gupta, most recently the CIO for the BJP political party in India, created the social media platform that helped elect the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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