Want to get something healthier for your pet in daily food? WoofYums is here that came into existence for helping pet lovers who want to provide them proper nutrition in the form of daily food. Delhi based startup delivers ready-made pet food tiffins to cute pups’ parents directly at their doorstep. The food items provided by WoofYums help all age groups pets in the growth of their muscles, joints and body organs and contribute to increase the life-cycle of dogs that feel hungry all the time.

Pets Getting Homely Diet

WoofYums offers the customized solutions with homely taste. The team works systematically from selecting food items to delivering cooked food for canines. All this is done under the supervision of experts or technical team altogether maintaining quality and hygiene measures. Above all this, the offered foods are cost-effective and delivered twice in a day directly to pet owners.

In terms of competition, no other company is serving in this particular segment. According to the founder of WoofYum, the startup is the only ones to innovate this module and doing a business of approximately Rs. 100,000 per month. Currently, they are delivering food in Delhi NCR area and have a plan to reach pan India by promoting and creating awareness on benefits of healthy and natural diet for cute and voiceless pet friends.



On being asked over the ideation, Jotvinder Singh commonly known as Jojo, Founder of WoofYums, replies, “It was a turning point in my life. The idea of feeding pets came up in my mind about two years back and I started researching this market segment vastly to get to know all about it.” During research Singh got a positive response from market and it provoked him to start this business idea. Further Singh says, “Factors like time limitation and nuclear families increased number make difficult for pet owners to serve them healthy and fresh diet every time. Additionally, owners’ lack of knowledge about cooking of pet food sometime leads to critical health issues among pets. I have started WoofYum as a solution for all these problems.” He claimed that the diets delivered by WoofYums are well planned to meeting the all nutritional needs of pets. He took a loan from his family and started this idea for a noble cause.

Jotvinder Singh, Founder of WoofYums.com

Jotvinder Singh, Founder of WoofYums.com

The Indian Pet Food Market

The demand for pet food is growing day by day. According to a report conducted by TechSci Research, the Indian pet food market will cross USD270 million by 2019. During an interaction with IndianWeb2’s team Jotvinder Singh shares, “We are well acquainted with the real demand of Indian Market and has all set to become the number one player in this segment. We understand the diet needs of all type of pets as it varies according to their breed, activity level, age, body weight and size etc. The company take care of all these factors and provide the compulsory nutrition through food. We follow cleanliness and well preparation procedures during cooking and delivery of meals.” Singh is a post graduate in journalism and advertising and after spending more than 2 decades in media he finally followed his heart and started this venture to serve society in a unique way. He has launched WoofYums a pioneer idea in pet food industry on 24-01-2015. He worked with several well known publication houses. He is a serial entrepreneur, who started his journey with the launch of a design studio before venturing into this segment.

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“We are a unique startup that is committed to cater the needs of pet parents and stray feeders who till now had access only to processed and packaged food for their pets. Considering an ever growing demand for pets in nuclear families, we have launched Woof Yums, which cook and deliver fresh, natural and nutritional food and deliver it directly at home for the pets,” Singh added.

Ensuring Rapid Growth of WoofYums

The startup is growing rapidly. Singh adds, “We have started with one dog and now deliver more than 250 boxes in a day to the customers in Delhi NCR. Even though it’s a large quantity, we make customized meals according to age, breed, health and other requirements and all the boxes are labeled for our cooks to pack based on the above criteria. Delivery boys carry these boxes which are warm and fresh to respective families.” Singh also believes in kindness and that’s why offering special discounts on food packets for homeless stays. Further he adds, “On stray feeding, we offer highly subsidized food packets which benefit hundreds of homeless strays. It’s a boon and more worthy for stray feeders to subscribe than spend on packaged food or on food which does not fulfill the nutritional requirement despite all the effort.” For nutrition guidance and checking, he has roped a team of experienced vets and nutritionists thus healthy meal can be delivered to every pet.


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