Nasscom IOT CoE has partnered with the Bangalore based Revvx Hardware/IOT Accelerator to accelerate startups into Internet of Things (IOT), Smart Gadgets and Artificial intelligence.

With the Strategic Alliance with Nasscom IOT COE, Revvx shall move its next Batch(Batch#3) of Hardware Accelerator Program under the Nasscom IOT COE umbrella. Revvx runs 3 separate Tracks namely Prototyping, Mass Manufacturing and Distribution.In addition, Revvx shall drive the Nasscom Corporate Accelerator Program (NCAP) to catalyze Corporate Innovation.

The Corporate Innovation Programs will be focused on specific themes such as Health & Wellness, Retail & Consumer Electronics, Industrial IOT, Agriculture, Energy and Smart Cities etc. where Corporates can run their exclusive Innovation campaigns to Co-Innovate with startups.

Revvx works with Corporate Teams to structure exclusive Innovation Campaigns as per their Mandates and then facilitates Investments ,Co-Distribution,Co-Creation Tracks for Corporates to Build/Buy/Partner with the startups.

Building a great hardware product takes a very long time. It is also a very unforgiving process.Once the product goes into manufacturing, there is no turning back, and any mistake in design requires a redo that can cost months of delays.While navigating Silicon ecosystem, OEMs and component suppliers to manufacture and get the product out is one part of the problem, Distribution is a bigger beast. Working with large corporates therefore is a symbiotic means for startups to get their product to scale.

Speaking at the Hardware Massive Bangalore Chapter event hosted by Revvx, Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO Nasscom IOT COE said “In a nutshell, we want to catalyze rapid innovation and we can do that with the power of Co-Creation.Thats the idea behind on-boarding Revvx to lead our Startup and Corporate Accelerator initiatives which are components of our larger vision of Co-Creation”.

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“ Right now the IoT feels like an avalanche of new connected products, many of which seem to solve trivial, “first world” problems. Indian SaaS+IOT or AI+IOT startups could be game changers by solving emerging economy challenges. The partnership with Nasscom IOT CoE solidifies our vision to make India the global gateway for IOT Innovation.” said Avinash Kaushik, Founder & CEO, Revvx.

Fortune 100 companies understand the world is getting disrupted from many directions. Not just Bay Area, Tel Aviv or Shenzhen, Indian startups are a force to reckon with. The Event had Techstars IOT Accelerator from NYC and NASDAQ listed Global Sources from Hong Kong reaching out to connect with the booming Indian IOT Startup ecosystem. Global Sources is the worlds largest electronics sourcing trade show which announced its collaboration with Revvx Hardware Accelerator.


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