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The World holds uncharted destinations that are waiting to be discovered, but our busy lifestyle and regular jobs don’t allow all of us to work and go for experiencing the beauty of these incredible places together. ‘The Remote Life’ is a new idea that allows travelers to explore the world & work from anywhere in awesome people company. This startup actually takes you to the world’s best tourist destinations all along providing the opportunity to work from a well equipped work station.

Taking Back to the the Wild

In a typical day, we all get up and walk out for daily jobs. This repetitious lifestyle makes all of us boring and dull, so we want to go out on a long vacation. Sometimes long holidays are difficult to manage without living jobs or working. However, when you plan your travel with The Remote Life you can think of enjoying every single moment all along working from the world’s best tourist destinations. Dua clarifies, “The most beautiful thing is to do nothing that could disturb and spoil your creativity. Like me you will also feel motivated to do everything of your interest without losing your current source of income.” The Remote Life is a program that brings together freelancers, professionals, startups, entrepreneurs and others to work, live and travel together. We take care of the research, organization, and booking of your private bedroom, desk space, and travel tickets so you can see the world, without leaving your key source of income. You can travel in a group of like-minded people while working.”

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In an interview with IndianWeb2, Nishchal Dua, Founder of ‘The Remote Life’, who sold his earlier startup Amicus in 2016, shared all about his entrepreneurial journey and the inception of this amazing idea. He tells fervently, ‘The Remote Life’ is an travel company that allows you to travel the world with an amazing group of 30 people while still be able to do your work remotely. We have opened this platform to the public recently and so far based out of nowhere. I personally believe in remote working and that’s why my entire team is distributed globally to provide the access of the best workstations in remote areas.” ‘The Remote Life’ has started taking applications for the program since December 5th and it will continue from March to May 2017 for 3 full months.

Understanding Customers Taste is Ultimate USP


What makes ‘The Remote Life’ different from others that are already in the same segment globally? Companies such as and are also serving in the same area but according to Dua, “There are two major points that differentiate ‘The Remote Life’ from others. First, it is tailored to the Indian taste buds. Let’s face it, we are not the most pleasant people and often get choosy while traveling. The Remote Life is designed keeping Indian needs in mind. Secondly, competitive pricing, we are almost 40 per cent lighter on your wallet.”

The Remote life provides access to an office space near to the place where travelers (startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and others) are staying during vacations in multiple countries. It will also manage meeting to local ambassadors, community members, professionals and lots other things to make travel an experience of a lifetime.

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So far, the idea is self funded and aims to drive human will and determination. It works with partners from all locations along with logistics. As launched on Dec 5th, it has received 730+ registrations for 30 spots so far. It has 5000+ organic visits to the website within this short span.

Getting to Know More about the Founder

toupeeIn 2016, Nishchal Dua came back to India from Mauritius and headed for Cambodia in March. He loves travelling, but also had to work for living that forced him to realize the pain of other people like him too. He is an engineering graduate and a serial entrepreneur who has launched the products that are about the bridging the gap between digital and analog. When he was at CIIE- IIM-Ahmedabad, he founded LazyThumbs, a marketing platform for retail stores to connect easily with their customers. He closed it and co-founded Amicus Shopping Assistant with the aspiration to provide fair value to online shoppers. This company is acquired by Indiqus Technologies in May 2016. Prior to his entrepreneurial experience he has also worked with MakeMyTrip and Amadeus Labs.

Dua advises, “You have everything you need to do whatever it is you want to do. Just, stop telling yourself it can’t be done.”

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