Cleartrip, India’s leading online travel and activities platform has partnered with Uber, world’s leading ridesharing company, to integrate Uber’s API to make contextual local activity suggestions based on rider movement on the Cleartrip App. This integration will also offer seamless Uber ride requests on the Cleartrip platform.

Cleartrip Local activities for Uber riders: Cleartrip Local is India’s first platform to integrate Uber’s API to let Uber riders discover and book local experiences in their cities. While on a ride, Uber riders can choose to receive recommendations on the Cleartrip app, on exciting events and experiences in the city they are present in, from India’s largest collection of activities and events.

Cleartrip Local currently has 15,000+ activities in over 200 categories in more than 50 cities. The recommendations take into account multiple inputs like time of the day, the day of the week, rider’s destination, to suggest interesting things-to-do from the Cleartrip Local activities bouquet.

Uber for Cleartrip customers: Cleartrip users will now be able to request for an Uber ride upon booking their flight(s) or Local experience from the Cleartrip app itself. Uber is available in 29 cities across India. This Uber API experience will also be offered to the customers of Cleartrip Local. Whether it’s a trip to the airport, the journey home from work or a weekend spent exploring far-flung corners of the city, people know they can press a button and get a ride.

“We are excited to enable a new channel for our Cleartrip Local product suite through this partnership with Uber. We are sure this will increase the discoverability of our Local product. At Cleartrip, we have always innovated on customer experience and this will further the cause by taking the local activity right to the users when they most likely need one” said Subramanya Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip.

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