Mobile application development market has grown marvelously in recent times. Gartner predicted in 2015, “The market size of mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT companies’ capacity to deliver them by the end of 2017.” The demand and use of apps is directly influenced by the increased use of iOS and Android smart phones and other devices. The usage of mobile apps is increasing among the SMEs and the future is bright for those startups which are developing mobile application technology for helping other businesses.

Bangalore-based FirstWire Apps is a rapidly growing player which is creating a niche for itself in the market of apps development for businesses in India. It has developed a variety of applications to run a small business smoothly and leverage the maximum benefits from varied channels. Launched on 01-01-2016, this startup already has a wide-reach in the market. It is aimed to changing the Mobile App Development Industry completely.

In an interaction with, the company’s Founder, Anand Kumar Agarwal describes about his startup, “We are on a path to revolutionize the Mobile App Development Industry in India & elsewhere. We provide ready to use Mobile App Solutions for wide range of industries including (but not limited) to E-Commerce, Real Estate, Service Industries, Staffing, Training, Events, News, Bloggers, Restaurants, Wholesalers & Retailers etc.” Anand Agarwal has 15 years of IT & entrepreneurship experience. He is alumnus of NIT (REC) – Allahabad, 2002 batch. He has also worked with some top consulting companies like TCS, CGI (Canada), Tesco, Yardi Systems etc.

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Changing the Way of Doing Business

Why and how is it significant to have an app for a business? Agarwal replies, “The world is becoming mobile-only generation and as a business owner you cannot miss out on these users. Mobile applications are the most effective tools to reach out these users.” “They come with notification and other advanced features and help businesses to increase the number of conversions with immediate response and tracking of analytic. Some apps also work without internet connections which increase reach as people can access these apps easily with no internet connection.” Agarwal wants to change the apps development market which is fragmented & highly inefficient. According to him, “There are no set standards for quality, rates or delivery timelines. With the help of automation and by using a proprietary app development methodology we produce high quality native mobile apps while having less manual interventions; this helps us in saving on costs & we pass on this saving to our esteemed clients.”

Increasing Efficiency at Reduced Cost

FirstWire Apps develops fully loaded next generation apps which support professionals in working efficiently and in a better way. Agrawal claims, “If you compare the efficiency of a typical App development company with us, we are 80-90% cheaper, 10 times faster and still deliver 0 bug apps. We let you enjoy your coffee (or tea or whatever) and do “Everything” for you. No extra costs included. We don’t burden our clients with unnecessary questions and headaches.”

Beating the Competition Strategically

Like other startups, FirstWire Apps also have a plenty of competition to face in the market. However, it is following a strategic way to beat the competition. Agarwal clarifies, “I know coming out on the top is not that easy but the strategy followed by us helps us to stand out in the competition. Most of our competitors provide solutions only in limited space like Blogging Apps, or by providing “Do-It-Yourself” type app creation wizards. While it seems a great idea to have a wizard and get your app by “drag-and-drop”, in reality it sucks a big time as apps are not as simple as web applications , everyone struggles on getting a perfect usable app while trying hard to deal with the huge codebase generated from these drag-and-drop tools. To make things worse there are no dedicated development supports which can work on your code and do things as you want.”

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Within one year of launch, this startup is generating revenue successfully. Agarwal confirms “We have 100+ clients as of now. We are growing 100 per cent month on month basis. We are clocking revenue of USD $25k per month as of now.”

Future Plans

FirstWire Apps carries along a bunch of high quality applications for making business management process hassle free and providing lifelong support to business owners. Agarwal says, “We are planning to expand our App products and solutions to all SME sectors.” In order to expand overseas, it is planning to raise funds but considering a set of factors which are very necessary to satisfy national as well as international clients.

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