So you have the great idea that can make heads turn and bring out the change in the world that you have always wanted to see. Now, what’s next? Do you have what it takes to start (and run) a successful startup? Here are the three skills you need to launch your dream startup and start your journey as an entrepreneur.

1. Strategy

Do you have the plan ready? Are you sure how much you need for investment, how long it would last, and how much you can expect? Planning and strategy are at the core of a successful business. Find out who your competitors are, and how you can have an edge over them in order to stand out from the crowd and make your product or service appealing to your potential customers. Do not underestimate competition no matter how unique you think your idea is. Successful businesses like Slack (for office communication), and (easy app based laundry services) started from seemingly unique ideas.

2. Marketing

Even if you think your product has the ability to change the world, no one will buy it if they do not yet know about it. Marketing skills are essential in the startup founder and team. You have to know how you can make people take notice. Know your target audience, and make sure your brand identity appeals to them.

3 . Networking

Are you a strong networker? If not, it may be the time to work on this skill. Networks bring you opportunities, often as a pleasant surprise. You will find potential investors and funding agencies if you know how to connect to them and make them understand your business ideas. People are essentially at the heart and soul of a startup. If you work on these social relationships well, you are more likely to be successful at your business.

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