Delhi-based gym and fitness centres discovery site, Fitraq has raised another round of angel funding from Aparup Sengupta and Devendra Reddy. Aparup Sengupta is an industry veteran and a founding partner of Singapore based Capital Square Partner and Ananto, a big data analytics solution provider. Aparup and Devendra bring decades of experience and expertise which will help Fitraq in all spheres of business as Devendra joins the Fitraq board.

“We will use the funds to amplify our offerings across the value chain eventually contributing in higher revenue,” said Siddharth Ramphal, Founder,

Founded by Siddharth Ramphal and Rouzbeh Pasha, Fitraq enables the users to search, shortlist, take a trial of any activity in their area, negotiate and join a Fitness centre. It also provides SaaS based services to fitness centers to automate their member acquisition and member retention. Hence it provides a closely integrated hyperloop between the Fitness centres / studios and the users.

The startup has also tied up with a leading hardware provider to manufacture a customized tracking hardware that enables the Fitness Studios to manage their business and provide customized fitness services to the users.

“We have never ignored the importance of revenue in the business and are already close to being cash positive at the unit level. E-comm isn’t about extensive cash burns and deep discounting. We already have more than 6000 Fitness centers listed across multiple locations and 25000+ users, “ added Siddharth.

In March 2015, the company had received its first angel funding of $150,000 (Rs 94 lakh) from Tarun Arora, MD of Northern Collection and Credit Bureau (NCCB), India.

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