Nagpur-based the Walnut School of Ideas is promoting creativity and original thinking by offering online certification courses for creative minds. It is making ways easy for all those who want to live their dreams and looking for online training courses to hone their creative skills.

‘The Walnut School of Ideas’ is helping in transforming an individual with the right skill set of cinematography, acting, direction, music, script writing and photography etc. The startup is teaching how to use creativity to build something new and genuine every time. It is doing all this simply by imparting practical knowledge through personalized short and long term online training programmes for creativity enthusiasts.

Backed By a Team of Committed Professionals

The team working behind the “Walnut School of Ideas” includes a number of creative professionals from industry who have experience in different areas related to creative arena. They all believe in personal and professional transformation and that’s why empowering all creative people who lack the right skill and tool set. The bright minds in the team include Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, Co-founder, CEO, the Walnut School of Ideas (He has authored 4 books and recognized as the Global Indian of the year for his contributions to the writing and direction field) and Dinesh Chandwani, Co-founder, CFO, the Walnut School of Ideas (He is a graduate from Queensland University with years of in the business development. He contributes to encourage the financial to maintain the cash flows). In addition, John Coachman (celebrity & host) and Abhinaba Ghosh (a research associate at Cambridge School in the UK) are some others who are part of advisory team of this startup.

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Nikhil Chandwani shares, “Truly speaking, we have acquired a niche for our self by developing this learning platform. Our advisory team includes experienced mentors who have expertise in providing creative learning classes’ online. They also offer on-field paid internship and work opportunities for interested Cinematographers, Script Writers, Photographers and others.”

Promoting Creative Education & Entrepreneurship All Together

Creative education industry is witnessing changes with the disruption of the new technologies. The Walnut School of Ideas is also contributing in this change and its efforts cannot be ignored. The startup is unlocking the creative genius among everyone and helping students in setting up themselves as self-employed in any area of creative industry. It is making efforts to educate whom who have ability to be future innovators and creative thinkers. Dinesh Chandwani adds, “Our main goal is to educate people about how and where to use their ideas in problem solving by implementing right solutions. We are offering courses in media, gaming, dance, drama, music and many other areas.”

Encouraging Practical Knowledge

Chandwani continues, “Our country is full of talent but often all talent goes waste because of lack of right exposure, training and opportunities. We think that if creative people got right education and opportunity, they could do the best and nothing should hold them back. By keeping this in mind, we came up with the idea of the “Walnut School of Ideas”. As the idea is backed by different Hollywood production houses and extended to related industries, they all help us to impart practical knowledge through online lectures, videos and classes taken by renowned professionals with right set of essential skills.” He adds, “With years of experience, we guide students towards professional success through real world inputs in Acting, Direction, Photography, Script Writing, Cinematography, Music, and Sound Mixing.”

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The Walnut school of Ideas does not have any active classroom as the teaching is online. It recognizes the need of certified educational courses in creative field and that’s why keeping conducting workshops on a regular basis for its students. One can go for a 21-day online certification course to equip with the best of skills which are vital in establishing own venture in the area.


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