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2016 was a great year for me. I travelled half of the country during my first solo trip and co-founded a consultation & web services firm to help startups across the world build better products. Most importantly, I met wonderful people during my entrepreneurial journey and learned great many lessons from them.

Through this post, I want to share what I learnt from entrepreneurs I met in 2016 and why I think it will make 2017 an even better year for me.

Lessons on Team Building From Jas Kaur

You may not have heard the name in 2016 but let me assure you that she will make noise in 2017. Jas Kaur is the brain behind QuikConsult, a startup that aims to connect top consultants of India with people in need of expert advice.

During our meeting, I was overwhelmed by her ideas on the importance of team in building path breaking technology products and scaling marketplace driven ventures. Of all the things I learnt from her, this one was probably the most profound:

“Great companies are not built by cement and half-hearted efforts; they are built by people who know their job and are willing to give their best”.

Her post about the challenge of data while building marketplaces gave me insights that only someone with first-hand experience share. From her, I learnt the value of building a team that is prepared to walk the distance with you.

Lessons on competitiveness from Rocky Ma

I’m not sure if you are aware but China is one of the biggest hubs of LED manufacturing and distribution. There are probably more than a million of companies competing for market share. In such a brutal competition, Rocky Ma made his company, Seniorled a global name in LED technology.

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Rocky carved a niche for his China-based LED manufacturing firm by making his company a registered brand in the USA and Canada. Ignoring the price war, he focused on delivering quality LED products and bringing unique advantages like insurance and customization to his offshore clients.

His survival insights for highly competitive markets helped me a lot in positioning my web services brand in the saturated Indian IT market. I have been in touch with his team for over 3 months now and they are the most-friendly bunch I have met. The takeaway lesson is obviously focusing on differentiating yourself from rivals.

Lessons on life from Pooja Sharma

It is quite easy to lose sight of your inner self while chasing a bigger house and car. I was about to do the same when I met Pooja Sharma. She left her high-paying corporate job and travelled almost 4 years before deciding that she wanted to help people in physical, mental and spiritual pain. This motivated her to get into healing and eventually launch Bodhisattva, a healing and therapy centre in Noida.

Currently working on making her organization a global name, Pooja has rich client base in NCR region as well as offshore locations like USA and Canada. Her belief in doing good, and taking care of your spiritual health stopped me from becoming a work machine.

I believe in the power of sharing experiences and think it makes an impact we cannot even fathom. I’m sure you, the reader, also met interesting personalities, did wonderful things, and learnt valuable lessons in 2016.

Share them in the comments section and let’s keep spreading the wisdom.

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