Vatsalya Dental, Indian dental chain, is proud to announce the launch of Vatsalya Dental Incubation Centre on Bannerghatta Road. Funded by US based S-Square Capital, Vatsalya Dental is committed to building a strong team of professionals in the healthcare space and provide a platform to explore and nurture their talents in the respective field. The concept of an incubation centre is the first of its kind in dentistry for the country.

With focus on dentistry and oral care, the incubation centre will provide expertise to young and budding talents and expose them to global standards in healthcare practice. The Vatsalya Dental Incubation Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Badrinath Konety, professor and chair at the University of Minnesota, where he holds the Dougherty Family Chair in Uro-Oncology and is Director of the Institute for Prostate and Urologic Cancers.

“The incubation centre at Vatsalya is extremely impressive. It is a state of the art facility on par with one you would find at a major university in the US. The concept of a multi-use centre which can provide a broad array of resources for training, conferences, lectures, remote access and problem-based small group teaching is unique. Its proximity to the central practice location of Vatsalya will greatly enhance its utility and ability to attract the best and the brightest practitioners and students of dentistry to conduct research and engage in educational activities”, said Dr Badrinath Konety.

The Vatsalya Incubation Centre has already had over 20 pre-registrations. The Centre will also have links with international universities for cross learning. It will provide students with not only a simple, easy and practical understanding of diagnosing and treating dental problems, but also an overview on marketing, finance and the social aspects of dentistry.

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Dr Srivats Bharadwaj, Founder and CEO, Vatsalya Dental said, “We intend to nurture the minds of young medical professionals, particularly, dentists to think progressively and innovate in the process of learning. We would like to facilitate knowledge rather than just teach. Young oral health professionals will also be given an opportunity to assist and work in our Sunday free clinic where they can practice and refine their skills. The idea is to ensure that young medical professionals take a humanitarian approach to their skills and start working to help the most needy and people with least access to healthcare.”

At the end of the programme, the most deserving candidate will be backed by Vatsalya financially to help him set his foot in the industry. In addition, he will also be given the option to join the Vatsalya Dental team.

According to the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, the dentist-to-population ratio, in 2013, was 1:10,000 in urban areas but drops drastically to 1:150,000 in rural India. Despite this, the Dental industry has not kept pace with the growing demand and is still battling the ignominy of being one of the most unorganized and unprofitable part of the country’s healthcare market.

“There is a pressing need among oral healthcare professionals to introduce effective management practices that can bring about sustainable change in the way oral healthcare is perceived in India. With the required inputs in innovation and management practices that we provide at our incubation centre, we can improve the quality of healthcare professionals, who can in turn drive ethical medical practices in the country,” added Dr Srivats.

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