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In an Annual Deals Report CY 2016 released by News Corp VCCEdge, the financial research platform of News Corp VCCircle, Maharashtra topped the chart of states attracting PE/VC funding by recording 303 deals worth $ 4462 mn, in year 2016.

However city-wise, Bengaluru pipped Mumbai in terms of number of PE/VC deals with the former recording 277 deals worth $2493 million. while Mumbai outscoring Bengaluru in value terms, registering 227 deals worth $4,338 million.

Maharashtra also leads in registering maximum number of M&A deals, with Haryana coming in second in value terms.

Key Highlights of the Report –

State and City-wise Fund Flows

Private Equity/ Venture Capital

  • With 303 deals worth $ 4462 mn., Maharashtra topped the chart of states attracting private equity and venture capital investments.
  • Karnataka came in second having attracted funding worth $ 2518 million from 280 deals.
  • Delhi NCR came in third with 190 deals worth $ 1302 mn.
  • City-wise, Bengaluru pipped Mumbai in terms of number of PE/VC deals with the former recording 277 deals worth $ 2493 mn. while Mumbai outscoring Bengaluru in value terms, registering 227 deals worth $4338 million.
  • Coming in third was New Delhi witnessed 165 deals amounting to $1253 million. while neighboring Gurgaon registered 110 deals worth $1001 million.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Maharashtra topped the state tally in M&A deals registered with 243 deals to the tune of $ 23911 mn.
  • Haryana came in second in value terms with 66 deals worth $ 11837 million. while Karnataka was second in terms of number of M&A deals registered with 130 deals amounting to $ 2305 million.
  • Mumbai pipped Bengaluru both in terms of number of deals and deal value with 198 deals worth $23,643 million as against Bengaluru’s 126 deals worth $2,282 million.
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Sector Watch: Where have the Funds been Invested?

Private Equity/ Venture Capital

  • IT rules the roost: Information Technology continued to attract a dominant share of private equity investments with 766 deals amounting to $ 3158 mn. as investors reposed faith on dotcoms. Compared to CY2015, the sector saw a dip of 20% in terms of number of deals and 50% in terms of deal value. Internet software and services & application software companies attracted a total of 714 investments in CY2016, accounting for 93% of the total investments in the sector
  • Consumer Discretionary sector came in second in terms of number of deals with 228 deals amounting to $1582 mn. E-Retail witnessed 107 deals and drove the deal activity during the year.
  • Industrial enterprises came in second in terms of deal value registering 86 deals worth $ 2992 mn. while Financials bagged 81 deals worth $ 2977 mn. with $ 2023 mn. coming in the form of pure private equity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Information Technology witnessed maximum M&A deals with 288 deals amounting to $ 4667 mn., followed by theConsumer Discretionary, Industrials and Financial sectors with 170 deals ($ 4243 mn.), 138 deals ($ 3345 mn.) and 119 deals ($ 11427 mn.) respectively.
  • M&As in the information technology sector was led by Internet software and services  (192) and IT consulting companies (46)
  • Internet Retails with 25 deals drives the overall M&A transactions in the consumer discretionary sector.


  • The Financial sector led the exit activity with 56 deals amounting to $ 1726 mn., majorly contributed by Real Estate and other diversified financial companies
  • Exits in Information Technology sector came in second followed by Consumer Discretionary with 55 and 39 deals amounting to $ 1284 mn. and $ 1396 mn. respectively. Internet Software & Services with 39 exits in the Information Technology sector accounting for 70% of the total exit activity in the Information Technology space
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Equity Capital Market (ECM) Funding

  • Industrials witnessed maximum ECM activity in CY2016 with 27 deals worth $ 542 mn., majorly in the sub-industries such as Construction & Engineering , Industrial Machinery & Trading companies & distributors
  • Coming in second is the Consumer Discretionary sector with 23 deals amounting to $ 724 mn. Apparel, Accessories & Luxury good and Textiles were the major contributor to the ECM deal activity in the Consumer Discretionary sector

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