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Studies prove that many women startups face more difficulties in managing financial than men because of many social factors. Thankfully, now women entrepreneurs also have ‘CashSuvidha’, a technology based financial lending source that offers viable loan assistance exclusively for supporting women entrepreneurs. This platform also carries many other products to allocate loan to both genders’ entrepreneurs who wish to turn a fresh business idea into a well-projected business venture.

A Duo with Fantastic Experience Dreaming of Touching Zenith

CashSuvidha is a Delhi based online fin-tech platform in India that claims to offer business loan or funding within 5 days. CashSuvidha is a trade name of Usha Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., which is initiated by two experienced heroes Rajesh Gupta and Anoop Garg this year after years of experience in same segment. They both are creating wonders together because they have diversified portfolios of working in the Finance and Import sectors and started this platform with a clear vision to make it a leading lending firm that will work primarily in providing loans to women entrepreneurs. Without much ado, CashSuvidha let entrepreneurs get straight to business after providing hassle free and quick loans according to the type of businesses and their financial needs. Rajesh Gupta, Co-founder, CashSuvidha shares, “This is among the few names that strike in your mind when you start thinking of loan lending for the needy women who wants to raise easy funding to contribute in the growth of the nation.” They both are talented people and recognize business acumen well because of keenness and quickness.

Making Lending Easy for Women Entrepreneurs


Promoting women entrepreneurship is important for the economic growth of India! CashSuvidha understands this and intended to help aspiring women startups to follow their dreams! It is providing easy financial help to all those who have been thinking of starting their own tailoring, retailing or any other business but lacks funds. Anoop Garg, cofounder, CashSuvidha says, “As an innovative digital Fintech platform, we enables users for disbursal of loan amount within 5 days with automated operations. Being the pioneer in changing the women entrepreneur fund raising ecosystem, we provide an unsecured funding amount up to Rs 3 Lakhs. As a secured loan, you can take upto 10 lakhs. Whereas in both Urban and rural areas, we are providing loan of Rs. 50,000 for starting any type of income generation source.”

Different From Other Moneylender Institutions

Now the question arises, “What features do set CashSuvidha apart from other loan lender organizations, when it is concerned to the distribution of the loan among women entrepreneurs?”

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Garg replies, “We provide loans without sponsors, established banking histories and lengthy paperwork. We have been engaging our customers with flexible approval policies and quick approvals and providing loans for beauty parlors, boutiques and other ventures for women empowerment.” He also mentions about a success story;

A Resident of Delhi got an Un-secured Business Loan for the expansion and renovation of her tuition center business. Previously she was either rejected by the several banks and anther from Rajasthan was looking for a business loan for her small daily farm, but could not manage to raise loan due to no banking history and income proof, but by visiting her business location CashSuvidha realized a zeal of doing business and recognizing her potential we decided to support her.

Well, unlike others you need to follow a very simple four-step process to get approval for loan lending on CashSuvidha. Just apply online all along uploading all required documents. It will take only 5 days for loan amount disbursal. It offers loans under four top categories including Small Medium Enterprise Loan, Entrepreneur Loan, Invoice Finance and Cash Suvidha for Women.

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The startup claims that CashSuvidha aims to be the next big thing in the Fin-tech world as the company is handling both rural and urban areas credit needs all along bridging the gap of financial institutions and to those who have no reach of financial assistance. The company is extending remotely, so that it can understand the needs of the borrowers and loan providers’ products in a better way. In addition, this is a digital platform which is very quick in accessing the loan requirements and respond accordingly.

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It aims to provide a set of practical and policy-worthy recommendations to promote the healthy growth of entrepreneurial activities and enterprises owned by women. In addition, this platform has come up with the best-in-the-market interest rates on small and micro-empowerment loans. Its loan schemes are specifically designed for discriminated, neglected and deprived women entrepreneurs. It invites and inspires the un-banked as well as under banked women economically weaker section women.

In conclusion, CashSuvidha is a robust and comprehensive fintech platform that has made the lending process lucid, easy and comforting for users who don’t want to visit to financial institutions and banks repeatedly for providing documents and fulfill other paper formalities.


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