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As the cloud computing is becoming trendier, its recruitment practices have also moved beyond the boundaries! To help recruiters to choose suitable professionals conveniently, CloudiRec founded by Jaipur based three Cloud Computing professionals Shashaank Bawari, Rohit Sharma and Gaurav Joshi in July 2016. Job seekers can register themselves online to get connected with great job opportunities of developing, deploying and using cloud computing solutions.

The startup has developed a simple system where organizations can mentions about the required skills and certification. Then again, candidates have to qualify the skills tests for assessment. On the whole, CloudiRec is India’s 1st startup which is dedicated to reduce time and cost involved in cloud computing hiring and job finding.

Basically, CloudiRec is the only recruitment/job marketplace in India for cloud computing industry in India. It does candidates screening for the basic set of skills according to the recruiters’ requirement, afterward allow recruiters to assess the CVs and candidates.

A Distinguished Team behind CloudiRec

Shashaank Bawari, Gaurav Joshi and Rohit Sharma -- Co-founders, CloudiRec

Shashaank Bawari,Gaurav Joshi and Rohit Sharma — Co-founders, CloudiRec

A distinguished team of co-founders of CloudiRec includes Shashaank Bawari, Rohit Sharma and Gaurav Joshi. They all are AIESEC Alumni and have true passion for cloud technology. Shashaank Bawari is an Exec MBA from HULT International Business School and former Microsoft employee. He has developed interest in this idea when once he was looking for job in cloud computing area but failed to find anything with proper explanation of required set of skills for mentioned job vacancies. He discussed with Rohit Sharma, who has faced same problem and an entrepreneur with years of experience in recruitment industry about the idea to shape up it in business. The business idea took final structure after connecting with Gaurav Joshi, who had served in both segments job search and recruitment and know everything about both the segments. All three co-founders started working together to develop this idea.

Changing the ways of Cloud Computing Recruitments

As you know, the Indian startup industry has grown fast because of new trends and innovative technologies in the recent years. Some startups are providing innovative software solutions for enterprises on the cloud to keep them ahead in the competition. As the cloud computing is becoming trendier, the demand for talented and right skilled cloud computing staff has also increased. While CloudiRec, jumped into this segment for catering the demand of right talent cloud computing staff of enterprises that are using cloud computing technology and the big tech giants who are developing the cloud computing technology.

According to Gartner, “A $110.3 billion investment done on cloud services and the number is expected to grow by the end of 2016.” Thus the more organizations are investing in cloud computing and this trend will continue in the coming time. So it is not surprising that this has also increased the demand for cloud computing solutions providers as well as the number of employees who knows this technology well and seeking for better opportunities for rising parallel.

Shashaank Bawari added, “We are working on what more can be done to make cloud computing recruitment easy as cloud technology segment is gigantic. It does not help only in time and cost cutting of enterprises but unlimited to explore with security and privacy risks which are key worries for the business enterprises. So, companies are on hunt for perfect talent who not only help in deploying cloud computing efficiently but also tell them what risks are attached and how to prevent them according to the industry standards.” He thinks that this need will help CloudiRec to stay on top of the competition.

Uniqueness Keeps Ahead

When asked about how to intend to stay ahead in the competition? Gaurav Joshi replies, “We are focusing on those things which made CloudiRec distinctively unique in recruitment. Broadly, we don’t have any competitors particularly in this segment. We are catering to a niche industry and none of the other recruitment platforms specifically work in this space.”

CloudiRec is different because:

  • It assesses candidates skill sets first – most platforms do not assess skill set, it is left to companies to do.
  • It allows filtration beyond key words – so companies and job seekers can search more deeply and as per their need

Future Plans

ClodiRech is targeting a fast growing SMB market mainly as they are more dependent on cloud computing technology. It is planning to integrate more features in its platform for going forward. Soon it is coming up with an aggregator to connect with cloud training institutes city and course wise. Rohit Sharma adds, “We will also launch “Gigs” to test problem solving skills of job seekers.” In addition, it will also incorporate IoT, Machine learning, Big Data and other segments in long term.

CloudiRec Website – www.cloudirec.com

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