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A few days back, PeopleStrong, which is India’s leading human resource solutions and human resource technology company, launched chatbot “Jinie“.

Jinie is the first HR Chatbot from India, which aims to shift HR from a transactional interface with employees to a conversational interface which is much for engaging and impactful. It is like an employee’s personal worklife assistant who can help in solving any HR related query. Be it completing employee data, applying leaves or managing any kind of employee transactions – Jinie is there for an employee every time. Through this chatbot HR will be able to provide the next level of experience to its employees.

Use Case of Jenie

Let’s start with something very simple – you have just joined an organization and are trying to figure out things by yourself. If you are in a progressive organization, you would probably have been assigned a buddy, but hard luck — this guy is busy in meetings and you are on your own.

You do remember though that in the induction program, there was a mention of an HR App. Inquisitive about it, you download the app just to get some self-help, and may be kill some time too, while waiting to be assigned your work related tasks. You would eventually realize later that this is probably the best thing you did.

As you install the app and login for the first time, you are welcomed by a friendly Bot. To your amazement, it already knows quite a few things about you. It knows where you come from, what are your interests etc. It further asks you a few questions and your responses help in enhancing its database.

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You are now of course hooked! You are curious to find out what else it knows. You ask “Tell me about my team”. And there you go — it blurts out the names of your team members with a brief about them. You want to check what project you have been assigned and what your KRAs are. Well, it knows everything and tells you everything.

As you are about to leave the app and say bye to the bot, it responds and reminds you that you have not yet filled some of the statutory documents linked to your new employment. It also sends you the links to do the same. You thank the bot for its assistance and log off feeling much more confident about taking on your new role.

A bot is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), a component of Artificial Intelligence. A Chatbot is one of the simplest examples to understand, very easy to use and behaves like an invisible app. You don’t have to tap another app icon to switch from one bot to another. Installation takes only a few seconds as the bots rest on a server and not on the users’ device. Furthermore, talking to bots may actually be more appealing than speaking to a customer support of a bank or an airline, or even ordering food from your favourite restaurant. Bots will eventually replace apps… That being however something to think about… maybe for another time!

Pankaj Bansal, Co-founder and CEO at PeopleStrong said, “This is a great year for HR technology and the launch of HR chatbots will bring employees to the center stage. We are happy to announce the launch of India’s first HR chatbot which will eventually have a stronghold in enterprises as they move ahead in the digital HR journey. It will prove to be the biggest advantage for the enterprise as it will be available virtually 24/7, giving employees on the field instant access to transactions and HR data, regardless of location or time zone.”

— With inputs from Vishal Saha, Founding Member and Chief Technology Officer, PeopleStrong

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