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Future Tech: Apple To Build Driverless Cars While Bill Gates Has Backed A Waterless Toilet Project

apple driverless nano membrane toilets

Recently, Apple has given a near clean indication that it is ambitious of joining global race of driverless cars makers. Apple joins a range of automakers and tech companies that have raised concerns about the proposed US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration policy on self-driving cars, and plans by California state regulators to make complying with the safety assessment mandatory.

Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook has suggested that Apple wants to move beyond integration of Apple smartphones into vehicle infotainment systems.

Furthermore, according to a news report by Reuters, a five-page letter from Steve Kenner, Apple’s director of product integrity, to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the company’s most comprehensive statement yet about its interest in self-driving vehicle technology. The Nov. 22 letter followed more than a year of industry speculation about the computer and iPhone maker’s plans for expanding into transportation.

Other companies pursuing self-driving cars include Alphabet Inc’s Google unit, Ford Motors, Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG, Tesla Motors and General Motors.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Invested $710,000 in A revolutionary Waterless Toilet

Few knows that The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a private foundation founded by Bill Gates and his wife in year 2000 has funded a project four-years back which is called – “Nano Membrane Toilet” or Waterless Tiolet which will be able to treat human waste on-site without external energy or water.

The waterless toilet is being developed by developers at Cranfield University.

The Cranfield toilet is still under development. The toilet flush uses a unique rotating mechanism to transport the mixture into the Cranfield toilet without using any water whilst simultaneously blocking odour and the user’s view of the waste.

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The Nano-membrane is expected to be heading its way to India as well, for information on same keep looking at this space.

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