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With in a month of announcing infusement of $3 billion funds into its India operations, global e-commerce giant has today announced it is bringing its global startup program Launchpad to India. The India Launchpad portal – is live with products from over 400 startups, of whom 25 are India-based.

With its Launchapad startup program, Amazon aims to help startups in India to sell, market, and deliver their products and gain more visibility.

Launchpad in 2015, Amazon Launchpad is now available in seven regions, and through the program Amazon partners with startups and sells their products on its e-commerce platform. Additionally, Amazon also helps startups market and promote their products.

In India, Amazon has partnered with Nasscom, Government of Maharashtra, Indian Angels network, and several bodies and venture capitalists to help startups on policy and financial sides.

The program will also enable Indian startups to sell their products oversees, said Amit Agarwal, Vice President and Country Manager for Amazon India.

Some products such as Sphero and Eero have previously used Amazon’s Launchpad platform. The Launchpad has helped over 1,200 startups launch products worldwide, with over 4,000 products in storefront, Jason Feldman, Director Global Innovations for Amazon said at the event.

“Amazon launchpad is a great step from Amazon for the startup to sell its product online through Amazon,” said Parv Sharma, an analyst at Counterpoint Research.

How Startups cab get started with Amazon Launchpad?

To get started, a startup needs to apply for Amazon’s Launchpad on the program’s webpage here – A startup needs to register by providing complete product information. After registering, the startup needs to confirm an initial order and ship products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. If approved, Amazon will ask them to upload creative assets to their systems…product photos, videos, descriptions and unique story.

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Advantage for Startups

One of the biggest advantages that the startups get from a program like Amazon Launchpad is an instant wider reach. Amazon is going to facilitate these startups with its marketing tools such as on-site merchandise placements, personalized recommendations, and access to advertising. Also, if the startups are ready to reach consumers outside India, Amazon Launchpad can help them start offering their products in Amazon’s nine marketplaces across the globe.


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