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Promotion of small businesses on social media is everything these days as it promotes small businesses and makes them special among the customers. How to use social media effectively for promoting small business and boosting sales? Here are top five tactics of using social media;

1.Hashtag #important lines and keywords

When you share any update on social sites like twitter, facebook and instagram put hashtag # before a keyword or any important phrase so that potential customers can find information about your business easily. In addition, if you will hashtag your business website directly, it will help in promoting your business throughout the year as it will keep you showing easily in social search.

2.Stay active on your social websites and show you are alive

Social sites especially facebook offer some amazing features that help you to communicate with customers instantly and provide all type of information they are seeking about your business and service. Today, most of consumers have a facebook account and love to connect with their favorite brands and business. On the other hand, you also have a number of budget friendly options or opportunities to share information about your business and products widely with your customers. For example, you can make announcements about new product range and the awards you have received recently.

3.Share fun photos and videos of new products and services

No matter what type of business you have started, people love to know all about you. They enjoy watching your office space, meeting team’s members and know all about your work space and inventory etc. So, you can think of taking them along on a virtual tour through video sharing on your social pages. You can also share the videos of festival celebration, busy sessions, meetings, holidays and lots more. Just take a video camera or record on your smartphone anything interesting happening in your office and upload it to YouTube to share with everyone in your network to see their reaction and participation.

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Apart from sharing videos, you can come up with a series of fun photos to share on social sites like facebook, instagram and others with hashtag # highlights. Highlights can be anything special that you offer to your customers. It might be any offer, products discount and free service etc. You can also use videos and photos to let customers know all about how your business will benefit them. No script and editing required just share candid shots with highlighted colours, and eye-catching taglines etc.

4.Handle customers’ queries through social media

You can help your potential customers by offering them advice on any topic related to your business and their interests. Through Facebook Live App (https://apps.facebook.com ) you can answer your customers’ queries face to face all along suggesting them the best solutions for their problems. Select a day and time in a week and let everybody in your network to know that, you will be available within that particular time period to address their queries. If you will make it a regular event, your customers will definitely appreciate it. During the live sessions, listen your customers’ suggestions, questions, appreciations and problems carefully. As long as you will do this activity, it will increase interest of your target customers.

5.Make announcements of forthcoming events

Social websites are great way to share information about forthcoming events that you are planning for special promotions. Make event calendar and announce it on facebook afterward start promoting it on Instagram and Twitter.

6.Share inspiring and product pictures on social websites

Facebook and pinterest are perfect social websites to share inspiring quotes and products images within your social network. If you are creative, you can boost the number of your followers easily on social media with targeted campaigns. You can also share some goal oriented photos and designs to inspire perspective customers. For example, if you are a creative artist, you can share top quality pictures of your art work on social websites to increase the number of customers.

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7.Run paid ads time to time

Last but not least, apart from posting free regular updates on social websites, consider running some paid ads to boost the traffic on your website. With very small amount, you can make an appeal to a wide network.

Some Popular Social Networking Sites
Social media has changed over the years and it’ll undoubtedly continue to change in the future! In the coming years, popular social networking websites will revamp themselves and new ones will appear in abundance. However, so far social media is dominated by Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, VK, Meetup, Tumblr, Flickr and all type of social mobile apps.

So, what you are thinking now? Have a look of your business, products and offered services and plan social campaigns to share on social websites regularly to make most of it all along the promotion of your business.

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