How startups can choose marketing solutions for their business? Who could be a right helping source to implement effective digital marketing campaigns? Here we are sharing the key information of most important digital marketing trends 2016 to help startups to grow fast and ensure success for long time.

Aberdeen Group examined digital marketing practices in detail. According to this group, “Digital marketing can increase conversion rate by 50 per cent and add in business profit robustly. It also keeps away many human errors and save cost and time.”

Small businesses are using digital media as like never before! Digital marketing becomes significant for every small business to stay competitive and productive. However a small business owner or startup must be well aware of modern marketing trends and tactics to get maximum benefits of it.

There are a lot of questions from startups from across the world on how they can use digital marketing practice for maximum benefits. Well, a startup should have a clear idea about all digital marketing tactics that will help to fulfill business goals. Some common tactics of digital marketing are;

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It helps in optimizing website and ranks it higher in search engine results pages especially on google searches. It also increases the organic traffic on a business website.

Content Marketing

It includes different ways of using content asset for the purpose of promotion of a brand with a steady traffic growth and business leads generation.

Social Media Marketing

It is all about how you brand your content on social websites to promote your brand, generate traffic and business for your startup.

Precise benefits of digital marketing

  1. It saves money & time
  2. Make easy for startups to communicate with consumers
  3. Help to reach more customers within limited budget
  4. Reduce brand promotion cost
  5. You can run controlled marketing campaigns
  6. Make easy to reach target audiences
  7. Multi number of digital marketing campaigns can be controlled easily

Top Digital Marketing Trend 2017

What’s new in digital marketing? In recent years, digital marketing has changed a lot. Now it is just not limited to use of few online resources but it goes beyond with the usage of multiple social platforms creatively. Let’s talk about the latest trends for 2016;

#1. Expending beyond Google

Big moves are occurring in online search. New trends include that search will expand beyond google search engine. Being a business owner, your goal is always to get more traffic to your website for more sales and ensure abundant growth. Google can help to bring the traffic at consistent rate but it’s also important to go beyond google for bringing more web traffic. It means, startups are considering other online platforms and different practices besides following google centric online marketing strategy. For example; facebook is developing its separate search engine which will give startups or businesses online visibility. Different messenger apps are also available to help small businesses to get connected with the customers instantly in order to entertain their complaints and other queries.

#2. Videos sharing to keep audiences engaged

Grabbing customers’ attention is important and video sharing could be very helpful in this. The apps like Periscope and Meerkat are there that help businesses to share live videos and experiences with the target group of audience easily. However to ensure effective results one should be creative.

#3.  Sharing content widely

Content is king when you are planning a digital marketing strategy! Content sharing helps in developing links between startups and target audiences and converts them into potential customers. However for effective results, developing innovative and quality content is very important.

#4.  Apps transforming the advertisement world

Apps like snapchat are also used widely for photo and video massaging. By using these apps, startups can share pictures and videos massages within its network in one go. These apps also have many other advantages to maintain the exclusivity in every marketing campaign.

#5.  Adwords mantra

AdWords helps small businesses to reach target audiences easily by running some specific paid advertisements.

SMS marketing, high use of Instagram, printerest and other platforms take startups close to the potential customers and thrive fast. Apart from this, paid advertisement option will also help every business to hit the target audience easily. It means digital marketing gives startups, entrepreneurs and all small business owners an access of varied online platforms to promote their products and services at lower budget as per their easiness.

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