At least 30 years back it was known that mathematicians at the University of Mainz in Germany developed a theory in accordance to the codes that could be presented at a level of a bit higher than the sequences formed by zeros and ones, where, mathematical subspaces named q-analogs. I will talk about these subspaces as you proceed to finish reading this article. Hmmm.

However, in the long time, no applications were found or were not even searched for the theory until a decade ago, there correspondingly it was understood that they would be useful in the efficient data transmission required by modern data networks. Let me tell you some basic instincts that need to be investigated upon for the efficiency of the Internet through mathematical advancements.

Limiting The Scope of Search

It was though challenging that despite numerous attempts, the best possible codes explained in the theory had not been known and it was therefore believed they did not even exist as an another aspect. However, an international team of mathematicians from Finland, Israel, Germany, Singapore and the United States opposed.

“We thought it could indeed be possible. The search was challenging because of the massive size of the structures,” asserted team member Prof. Patrick Östergård, of Aalto University.

“Searching is a gigantic operation even if there is very high-level computational capacity as applicable.”
“Therefore, adding together to algebraic methods and computers, we also had to use our experience and guess where to start looking after, and that way limits the scope of the search.”

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Financial Success

The determination was lauded well when Prof. Patrick Östergård and his colleagues found the largest possible structure explained by the theory as discussed earlier here. However, there is a financial success involved by the theory too.

The generated outcomes were published online recently in the journal Forum of Mathematics, Pi.

“Although mathematical challenging advancements rarely become financial success stories in quick time but many modern things we take for granted would not exist without them,” the mathematicians added.

Key role of Boolean Algebra

“Take it as an example, Boolean algebra, which has played a key role in the creation of computers, has been developed since the early19th century,”

“With regard to this fact, information theory was green before anyone had even mentioned green alternatives,” Prof. Patrick Östergård added this by saying highlighting the role played by Boolean algebra.

“The basic idea is, actually, to try to take advantage of the power of the transmitter as in actual fact as possible, which in practice means attempting to transmit data using as little energy as possible.”

“Our discovery will not become a product straight away, but it may gradually become part of the Internet.” He concluded his assertions on the mathematical breakthroughs that brought in more efficient Internet use.

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