Are you planning to get your startup off the ground? It can be either exciting or nerve-racking! However, new innovations get underway and have changed the way of doing businesses. They have changed the way of managing day to day works; representatives work propensities and the way you do many other routine business tasks. There are hundreds of applications and technologies geared toward start-ups, but only a few of them work efficiently. As a start-up you must have the knowledge and how to use them successfully.

Business expansion has brought extended workloads and requires time management and multitasking capability to meet adequacy at work level. However time constrains is the main issue because there are only 24 hours in a day and you have to manage all of them within limited hours cautiously to complete all your business related works. Pressure of completing more tasks within a limited time span is sometimes difficult as it requires working quite hard sometimes. So, rather than becoming a hard worker, you should have to use the right helping tools and techniques to do the right things in a right time, right way. How would you do all this with no worries? Is it easy to do? Are there any helping tools? Well, let’s find out a list of best mobile productivity applications that will help you to take off your start-up smoothly;

1. Dropbox

These days many new ways are used to share and store files. One of all these modern ways is Dropbox! Dropbox was invented by MIT students Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston in 2007. It helps to manage important data, contacts, files, research data, mails, significant files and important information etc. securely. Dropbox also allows storing relatively large files with easiness. It is very easy to use and keep all sensitive information and data safe. It is free to use and offers all major advantages of storage. It is accessible on all devices including tablet, smart phone and laptop from anywhere. It can be used in the coffee shop, home, hotel, classroom, library etc. However, it also has some disadvantages too. The biggest one is that administrator who maintains this service have power to make changes in your account without your permission. It also has some other minor security issues too.

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2. Evernote

Evernote is another kick-ass service! You can use it the way you want without anybody’s help. You just need to make a note for easy access from anywhere, anytime. Even though you don’t need internet connection and it is available on iPad, iPod Touch, Android iPhone and blackberry etc.. It is perfect for working on the go and collaborates with all team members in a single workspace. It keeps team projects and work together and give feedback in one app. You can write everything in Evernote and can collect images, files and web research pages in a single note. However you will have to pay for its premium services. It is also a must-have tool for entrepreneurs and other professionals.

3. Pocket

When you want to save a particular piece of information or data because of lack of time to go through it, simply pocket it! Being an entrepreneur, you should be inspired continuously with innovative ideas. You can extract inspiration from different sources depending on your choices and interests. Blogs, pictures and articles can be an inspiration and pocket is the right way to save all this. Through pocket you can save information right away directly from browsed data and the apps like, Flipboard, twitter, Zite, Pulse Pinterest etc.. More interesting is that to do all this, you don’t even need an internet connection.

4. Focus Booster

Focus Booster help entrepreneurs to overpower disruption. The main motto of this app is that it helps entrepreneurs to keep track of time so that they can manage all tasks easily. Entrepreneurs can easily manage their time and invest it productively in different activities. However the productivity level of this app depends upon how well you will use it. Its subscription fee could be a pain for some entrepreneurs especially for student startups.

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5. LastPass

LastPass is very helpful for entrepreneurs and individuals who use different accounts and get confused after forgetting and mixing of multi number of passwords. The problem is more critical when you have started a new business as you need to perform multi tasks every day by your own. Lastpass is an easy and the best way to manage multi number of passwords! It offers full security and you can manage all passwords on a single platform. It offers better security and all can be managed just by remembering one master password of LastPass. It is considered as the best performer in the category of similar apps.

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