cyber war

In preparation for a bloodless war, the government of India strengthening cyber security measures as told by Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to proceed further on with Cyber War.

“We are preparing for bloodless war, by strengthening cyber security measures,” Prasad said at the Economic Editors’ Conference.

He said Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-Inc.) has been strengthened.

“National Cyber Coordination Centre has been set up to provide near real time awareness on situations and response rapidly as such Rs 9.85 Billion project to be completed in five years,” the Minister said.

Prasad on the go ahead with his intentions to get settled up the matter of Cyber security, said phase I of the project has already been tendered and expected to be operational by March 2017, it was disclosed recently by him.

Indian IT sector upon Donald Trump’s policies:

While on the way ahead the other way round it was tried to allay fears expressed by the industry over Donal Trump being elected as the US President and anti-outsourcing stand during pre-election debates, Prasad mentioned that the Indian government is ready to respond in a coordinated manner if in any case the new administration in the US takes any decision that has possible impact on the IT sector.

Three Indian Ministries to Work together

“If possibly certain issues arise, the matter will be taken up at the government level where apart from the IT Ministry, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of External Affairs, all the three have to work in together,” Prasad explained on matters concerning to new outcomes corresponding to the changes expected to be made by the Donal Trump government from the US.

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Contribution of Indian IT Companies to US

Highlighting the fact that the Indian IT companies’ contribution to the growth of the US economy, he said: “Indian IT companies already have created almost half a Million jobs and paid around $20 Billion taxes in the US. I am proud of contributions of Indian IT firms in the US”, Prasad pointed out whilst the government is in preparation of the Cyber war, which indicates that India on their own level of understanding as of now deeply concerned by predicting future impacts to IT sector by the current government of the US under Donald Trump.

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