Companies in India are watchful over the greatest impact of business from their digital transformation investments according to a new survey by CA Technologies, which goes on to reveal more beneficial factors that takes part to highlight the business acumen in the following arguments:

Survey on global ranking

As it was surveyed, which introduced the Digital Transformation Business Impact Scorecard (BIS) on global ranking of countries and industries across 14 key performance indicators critical for digital transformation success, where this appreciates India for ranking as the first on this list, according to the survey on global ranking in this field as mentioned but we need to dig in further to know the aspects that generate impetus of digital investments and scores followed by some exceptional facts upon defining transformations order wise in order to see Indian growth taking in account what happened as recent globally.


India scored 79 (out of 100) as such the impact driven from digital initiatives in India is much higher than the global average score of 53 and Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) score of 56.

Digital transformation

The CA research report states, after projecting Indian businesses to have a strong correlation between businesses by adopting digital transformation and their business performance globally as indicates the research logically. Meanwhile, by leading the digital transformation initiatives, only 46 percent of Indian decision makers portrayed that they are distracting their industries on information that leads to find out advanced digital initiatives, which ranks India at the bottom of the list among the countries in APJ.

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Growth apropos to digital transformation

Indian businesses want the greatest improvement of about 55 per cent in generating further revenues as a result of growth in digital transformation, which makes sense while around 84 per cent of Indian businesses are in process to find out to moderate the significant improvements in their ability to make a distinction from their competition through digital transformation leading towards growth.

Almost all Indian based businesses proceed to put up moderate to significant improvements in customer experience after redesigning digital transformation.

Customer Satisfaction

“Here the need, however, for Indian CXOs or Chief Officers of businesses, is to collaborate with a strategic partner and ensure adoption of digital technologies and practices that help them grow their business revenues while enhancing customer satisfaction and retention,” said Sunil Manglore, Managing Director, CA Technologies India. This is how various businesses in India adopting policies to satisfy their customers by including innovated customer satisfaction strategies to serve better.

Finally the main concept of building and developing Indian ethics in businesses goes on to maximize what it says as India Witnesses Maximum ROI (Return on investment) from Digital Investments needs to be put forward to experience much better performances of businesses of India to create subjective environment that will push other Countries to follow what India is actually doing in businesses as a performer.

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