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To encourage startups, the Telangana government has launched a series of startup policies and plans recently. The state will also come up with IoT and Smart Technology Policy. This policy will encourage IoT based product development companies and other innovations.

Telangana IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan confirmed about this policy during the inauguration of a conference on Internet of Things (IoT) organized by CII Telengana with the theme “Current and Future Trends –Managing Data, Devices and Connectivity in Digital World”. He said, “The Telangana government will be coming up with IoT and Smart Technology Policy, which will be encouraging the start-ups, home grown layers and the IoT based product development companies.” He added, “IoT has come a long way with immense social impact. No technology is worth its name unless it has social impact.”

Ranjan also explained that how ‘Internet of Things’ is impacting the society especially the rural community by providing them real time scientific information about farming technique and other related things. He eulogized that this technology is also revolutionizing healthcare, education and others by providing right information at right time.

He also spoke about five parameters to identify best IoT solutions impacting society – relevance, ease of usage, value proposition, replication and inter-operabilty.

On this occasion, all experts also discussed about the challenges and opportunities present in IoT and data analytics for transforming India into digital economy.

The state govt. aims to make the state an ideal destination for startups by creating a sustainable and flexible ecosystem. It has announced a plan to provide Rs 2,000 crore for startups across different industries and sectors all along setting up a Rs. 250 crore seed fund and tax incentives and reimbursements etc.

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