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14 startups from the 1st batch of Intel India’s “Intel India Maker Lab” programme showcased their innovations on the occasion of the first “Maker Lab Startup Conclave and Demo Showcase” programme which concluded recently. Intel India Maker Lab is supporting 17 startups in the first batch, out which nine have already launched their products in the market and 5 others have their products ready for customer trials while others are in incubation stage. General Manager, Intel India and Vice President, Platform Engineering Group, Intel Corp., Nivruti Rai confirmed, “Of the 17 start-ups which utilized our laboratory facilities here, nine have launched products in the market and five have products ready for customer trials, while three are at the design stage.” Intel India has launched the “Maker Lab” in January 2016 to help start-ups to develop their products and solutions easily by providing technology, tools, infrastructure and mentorship support by connecting to right source or channels.

Intel offers support to the startups that are in the areas of health, agriculture, sports, banking, education, financial services and insurance (BFSI), Internet of Things (IOT) and e-governance etc. Rai added, “With over 15 years of relentless commitment to research and development, we continue to build a community of innovators in India.”

Knowing more about 14 startups of the 1st batch of “Intel India Maker Lab”

Startups with products in the Market

  1. Aerx Labs (

    Arex Labs was incorporated on July 2015 in Bangalore. Its core product portfolio is Flight Simulators. It is pursuing new technologies in design and development of nextgen UAV and flight simulation technologies.

  2. Avench (

    Avench has integrated Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform along with Wi-Fi module & storage to build a Content Access Point which is used for enabling 50 simultaneous HD video stream users for education & transportation verticals. It was incubated in July 2015.

  3. Green Ocean Research (

    Green Ocean Research Labs is based in Chennai. This startup produces ergonomic medical devices all along a long range of high quality e-solutions for improving the healthcare segment in India.

  4. Jayalaxmi Agrotech (

    This startup provides mobile technology solution for agriculture segment. Its main focus is to bring Analytics and Cloud (MAC) together into the farmers’ hands.

  5. Klassik Klonec (

    Klassik Klonec was incorporated on January 2014. It is based out in Bangalore and involved in software publishing, consultancy and supply for some specific users. Its SmartSense™ platform is a complete wireless sensor connectivity platform which is very easy to use for the rapid deployment of reliable IoT networking specifically in remote areas.

  6. Parkzap (

    Gurgaon based Parkzap is developed by Pranay Sharma in January 2016. It is changing the way people pay their parking tickets. It enables electronic ticketing and collection of parking and highway toll fares by using image-recognition and smartphones etc.

  7. Skylark Drones (

    Skylark Drones is an idea of Mughilan and Mrinal who completed their studies at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. This startup company is providing enterprise drone solutions for mining, infrastructure and utilities. It is leveraging Intel® Core™ i7 platforms for Analytics.

  8. Smartron (

    Smartron is manufacturing everything from smartphones to tablets, ultrabooks to IoT devices including high-end computers and other products. It has also tied up with Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer to add more products in its portfolio.

  9. Terrablue XT (

    TerraBlue XT is another young startup supported by “Intel India Maker Lab”. It is socially responsible and dedicated to using technology in healthcare to make the lives of people easy who are suffering with chronic mental disorders like epilepsy.

Startups with Products Ready and moving to customer trials –

  1. Acceleron Lab (

    Bangalore based Acceleron Labs was incorporated in November 2014. It is developing “Accelerated Green Cloud Computing and Storage” system products under MDC1000 series for maintenance of websites and many other purposes. It has designed & fabricated custom Intel® Xeon® boards, chassis & system software for their solution that combines server/networking/storage.

  2. BrownLogic (

    This startup uses embedded devices, smartphones, software and servers etc to make human life better. It is focusing on use of technology in small scale farming. It helps farmers’ community to produce in a more efficient manner by using technology. It is based out at Bangalore. It is using Intel® Curie™ for nodes & Intel® Edison for gateway.

  3. Phoenix Robotics (

    This startup is dedicated towards robotics and automation technology setup. It will help in connecting thousands of cities, industries, people and the government bodies with each other.

  4. SrishtiESDM (

    Srishti ESDM is focused on designing indigenous and cutting-edge products which are primarily addressing into the Electronic Payment and secure way of fund transfers for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and Government Welfare schemes and Subsidy distribution.

  5. Yaw software (

    Bangalore based Yaw Software was incorporated in March 2016. It is in Software consulting, development and supply for different business applications. It also helps in website maintenance and designing etc.

Well, the Science and Technology Department of the Indian government is also a part of the Intel’s ‘Innovate for Digital India’ challenge and supporting about 7 startups. The company is collaborating with the government because it wants to encourage entrepreneurial talent and new innovations as a not-for-profit initiative. “It’s heartening to see many products and solutions being developed by the hardware and systems start-ups using our lab as their innovations will help solve consumer and business needs and contribute to Digital India and Make in India vision,” said Intel India Director Jitendra Chadda on the occasion.

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