In March this year, we reported that Indian vehicle maker Mahindra & Mahindra was planning to launch a Tractor hiring/rental market in India, and the company had even invested Rs.10 crore of amount into it.

Many small-scale farmers are unable to buy their own Tractors or other expensive farming equipments and often have to rent them at high rates. Mahindra & Mahindra is hoping to make it easier for farmers in India to hire a tractor when it comes to harvest time with a smartphone app called Trringo, which it rolled out in September in the state of Karnataka.

The company is offering hourly rental of tractors for between 400 and 700 rupees.

The service will also be available via a call centre – important as much of rural India does not have internet access.

The service has been so far been rolled out in the state of Karnataka and will be available in others, including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, soon.

Requested tractors and a driver will be sent to farmers via 20 hubs across Karnataka.

“One of the things that struck us was the toll it took on the self-esteem of the farmer,” said Rajesh Jejurikar, chief executive of the company’s farm-equipment division, told the New York Times. “It was, literally, like having to beg for it. He didn’t feel like it was his right.”

The company is considering offering other farm machinery for hire in a similar way.

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