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Delhi University’s Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) has announced a new one -week course for women to get education on various ways to become entrepreneurs. The university has launched this study course for empowering women and fostering entrepreneurship with the entry of more number of women entrepreneurs in the Indian startup scene with their strong ideas, plans and confidence.

Prof. M.M. Chaturvedi, CIC, Director said, “This course has been launched by keeping in mind the capability and mindset of women. So, all those women who are interested to take admission to this course will have the opportunity to apply till October 5.” However, the course will begin on the ideas given by the women themselves.

Women play key role in society and nation building. So increasing number of women entrepreneurs will make significant contributions to economic growth and poverty reduction in India. Keeping the same in mind, this one-week course has been designed. The CIC will be running this course in association with Centre for Science Education and Communication (CSEC).

Prof. Chaturvedi maintained that the government’s main focus is on empowering women. “In addition, the government also plans to build a large number of women entrepreneurs. I feel that women are naturally entrepreneurs. It is just that there is a complete need to refine their skills in order to make them more successful,” he added.

CIC is an innovation-oriented centre of learning with an entrepreneurial dimension that offers the dynamic programmes of study with a no-boundary concept through its education, innovation and services.

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