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Top 5 Low-Budget Startup Marketing Ideas in 2016


The days are gone when only big brands or companies’ burn cash to advertise and market their products and services. Today the scenario has been totally changed and marketing has become an imperative part for every startup. According to the available market statistics, up to 75% SMBs or startup companies consider online marketing as an effective tool to reach and engage new customers. Although a strategic marketing plan is as important as a business plan to ensure a long lasting and sustainable business growth. A number of marketing practices can be followed by startups but to decide on which channel will maximize marketing benefits will require a better understanding of current marketing trends. If you succeed to develop a good marketing plan for your startup, it will enable you to engage more number of customers and more customers mean more business that will make your idea tempting to investors and avoid pitfalls. However you need to focus on different aspects of your business to market effectively and reach maximum number of target audience. Consider the below given guidelines to market your small business efficiently.

Marketing tactics and advices are endless. For those entrepreneurs who are not experienced or well aware about modern marketing tactics, may this article provides a great help as it tells what exactly to do for quick results through effective marketing.

Register your Business with Different Search Engines

First and the most important step, register your business website with different search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL and Excite are some of the best search engines used worldwide to register businesses. By doing this, your startup will appear easily in online searches. Notably, all search engine offer you complete control over the shared content and you are free to manage your profile.

Select Web Analytical Tool

There is a plethora of web analytical tools that may not easy to understand for startups some times. For understanding analytics tools, startups need to dig deeper but Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, Facebook Insights, Twitalyzer and Yahoo Web Analytics are some great choices for those startups who want free analytical tools. There are plenty of other paid tools, so choose the wise ones which fit well with your overall business strategy. These tools help you to keep an eye on the performance of your website and understand the nature of visitors. Additionally, tools send notifications and alerts when any error or problem occurred on website.

Embrace Social Media

Exploiting the power of social media is very important for every startup. Social media ensures long term growth by helping to maintain meaningful relations with customers, clientele and business partners etc. Furthermore, there are a number of compelling reasons to enhance presence on social media. As per available statistics, the number of total social media users is likely to reach 2.5 billion by 2018. So far about 90% of young adults (age between 18- 29 years) use social media and 35% of over age (above 65 years) use social media. So the fact cannot be denied that social media has great power to optimize your marketing campaigns and ensure growth. It is one of the best channels used for reaching to the customers and communicating with potential business leads. You can use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter LinkedIn and many other channels to strengthen your business.

Find High-Value and Searchable Keywords for Your Business

Defining keywords for your business website is fundamental to ensure success as they help new customers to reach you. The Google Wonder Wheel can be utilized to find relevant keywords although to use it effectively you need to dig deep. Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and Keyword are some free keyword search tools. Paid keyword research tools can also be used to analyzing the competitiveness of selected keywords hassle free. By optimizing specific keywords, potential customers find you easily online on search engines even though when it comes to implementing PPC campaign. It also helps in organic search too. So before keyword optimization, you need to be very careful for the selection of keywords despite the fact that it is a difficult job. You can take industry leader advice to find high searchable keywords.

Develop Unique Content

Content became a growth driver for many startups these days. By creating a great piece of content, you can engage your customers and prospective clients easily. If you succeed to create great content pieces, your contact will share it throughout their contacts. Basically content sharing has become a new way of advertising for those businesses that are on the cutting-edge of marketing. According to latest market insights, the majority of startups are choosing digital video ads rather than going to traditional ways. So it means, if you share video content, it could be the best advertising for your startup as only YouTube offer you an opportunity to reach about one billion unique visitor every month.

That’s all for now! Other points including make startup’s website responsive, maintain a huge contact list, get customer reviews, and secure your website can also be included in this list. On the whole, a multi-channel marketing strategy is the best practice to reach straightforward to your customers from everywhere. You can add more from your part in the comment!

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