Scottsdale-based GoDaddy Inc. has released a new set of features and services for empowering startups, entrepreneurs and emerging businesses worldwide. The new features include cloud servers and a new app called – Flare, for empowering small businesses. Also, new languages have been added to its investor mobile app. All these features are just a small effort of what the company is planning to offer for helping the small businesses globally. Though now for sometimes these features are available for certain countries entrepreneurs but soon will be expanded other countries to strengthen entrepreneurs globally for fulfilling their online technology needs.

Steven Aldrich, GoDaddy’s Chief Product Officer said, “The two big takeaways from GoDaddy’s comprehensive product update for summer are the company’s continued globalization and introducing products early to help entrepreneurs with their ideas.” “We’re bringing more services to help entrepreneurs in a daily battle to make a living at something they enjoy,” he adds further. He added further, “We work with so many small businesses, and 400 million small business owners don’t live in the U.S. We’re expanding languages for a number of our products in more languages and dialects and expanding our data center footprints and our features.”

Flare – App for Building Business Communities

GoDaddy’s new app named Flare has been launched in June 2016. It is a marketplace app for android and iOS phone users. It allows businesses to get connected with each other and they can share their business ideas or plans with each other within community for immediate feedback from each other. GoDaddy officials believes that this community –driven feature not just only increase knowledge sharing but also opens new doors of business opportunities for all connected members. “This is a community engagement to get feedback on ideas, from other similar businesses, customers and advisors,” said Aldrich. One worth noting point is that Flare is entirely a mobile based service and entrepreneurs will not be able to access this on the Web. This also carries the below mentioned features:

  • Handy, elegant interface reminiscent of popular social media feeds
  • Give quick feedback
  • Spread new biz ideas easily with sharing on social media
  • Help to explore and get to know about new ideas nearby
  • Quick response and followers

Cloud Applications

GoDaddy Cloud applications are available for global entrepreneurs from data centers in the US. They are virtual servers and run on GoDaddy’s cloud computing environment. Entrepreneurs can deploy these applications by hosting on their websites. They are more beneficial to individual tech entrepreneurs, developers and IT professionals who want to develop and test their products quickly. These applications can be integrated easily with a set of GoDaddy products and multiple APIs. They are available in 26 languages, 44 countries worldwide.

  • These applications carry a “pay as you go” utility billing model to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. They just need to pay for what they use on an hourly basis.
  • These applications are powered by Bitnami, the leading library for open source server application deployments.
  • They are one-click optimized solutions.

Currently GoDaddy is in 56 markets and supports 29 languages globally. It has also brought a number of offerings into new countries, such as its domain investor app into China and adding three new dialects in India. GoDaddy has over 14 million customers globally with over 4 million of outside the U.S.



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