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Data Security is a big question for all users when they start accessing any messaging app to share any kind of information and data. n-gage a newly launched lifestyle messaging app carries along numerous advanced features with a key focus on security checks. IndianWeb2 team spoke with Ajit Patel, CEO and Founder, n-gage to have more information about this app’s distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other messaging apps. Here is key information shared by Ajit Patel about this product.

You claims that n-gage have unique features that differentiate it from others. I am keen to know that what features make it different from other apps.

n-gage is a lifestyle messaging app developed to transforming messaging experience with key focus on privacy and playfulness. It has been developed by a dedicated team of passionate youngsters to provide a safe messaging experience to android, ISO and other web versions’ users.  The app is developed to facilitate safe and memorable chatting experience for all users. Equipped with 13 privacy features, users can have full control on messages’ life with an advantage of keeping a message on the receiver’s phone for some time. He can also recall a message easily all along maintaining privacy and protection from everyday messaging accidents. To add to the user’s messaging experience, the host of personalisation features have been developed to overcome the dilution of emotions that is often experienced in the messaging world.

Who would you say are the end-users of n-gage?

I would say n-gage is every man’s app and gaining popularity rapidly. It doesn’t matter whether you are male, female, young or mature, or whatever language you speak-, n-gage has everything everybody need.

What encouraged you to develop this app? How it ensures users’ privacy?

We started off n-gage as a communication site to connect people living with health problems around the globe to share their experiences with each other.  Further, this developed into a messaging application, which encourages the users to be playful, and bring out their emotions in the way they are intended to appear. With advanced and personalized features, we have eradicated the current scenario where our emotions are diluted when we message people.

We have developed the 13 privacy features and all of them are specifically designed with an aim to help the user escape from embarrassing moments when they become a victim of hacking and data stealing.   We have developed features which allow the user to retrieve the message or entire conversation regardless of whether it has been read by the receiver or not. We have developed a feature that gives the user the control of whether a message can be copied, forwarded or shared with others once it has reached the receiver.

What is your USP?

The most important USP of our product is its compact size and the amount of features that it has.  Studies have revealed that an average user has about 4/5 apps on their device, all serving a different purpose. With our app, there is no need to download a variety of apps. Everything you want is all wrapped in n-gage. With n-gage users have the ability to maintain privacy, bring out their playful side, and transform their own and the lives of others. In addition, we also have a unique cross platform functionality, which allows users to message the family and friends either they have the app or do not have the app.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey right from the beginning. What is your greatest strength that overpowers challenges which are part of an entrepreneur’s life?

“What do you know about technology? Are you sure you know what you are doing?” These are the questions I’m often confronted with. It’s true, what do I really know about technology? Not much to be honest. I’m a Pharmacist. But I’m also a great believer that having the right attitude, working hard for what you want, and not taking No for an answer gets you over hurdles.

It is this attitude that has got me through my entrepreneurial journey so far. I’ve experienced a fulfilling roller coaster with a few highs and lows along the way. My first pharmacy business in London, a printing business, Goldshield going public on the London Stock Exchange, and my hotel business in Goa are my milestones. Through this journey, I have won several accolades, including being honoured with the Omnicomm British Young Entrepreneur award in 2000. However each business venture has taught me something significant.

In conclusion, what are your future plans?

The future for n-gage is very clear. It is to create a family of n-gage applications which will develop into an ecosystem. Each app will enhance the current features of n-gage to attract different audiences; however they will all share a commonality- the apps will talk to each other. In other words, if a user has downloaded n-gage and their friend has downloaded an app that belongs to the n-gage family. These two friends will be able to talk to each other without the need to download the other app. Production for this has already started.

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