Who does not want easy access to healthcare services? Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-based PurpleHealth.com, an online health-on-demand platform takes charge of all healthcare requirements and delivers wide-ranging of healthcare services directly at individual doorstep. Recently this startup also secured a funding of around Rs 67 lakh from Mumbai-based Katabole Technology Venture and now focusing on making new roadmap to ensure fast growth. IndianWeb2.com team had a talk to the founders’ team to find out what future plans are.

The Founding team

Vikram Nair, Dr.Nagarjun Mishra, Mini Balaraman and Prakash Sathyapalan incorporated PurpleHealth.com in 2014 (as DoctorsCabin.com) with an aim to provide 360 degree access of healthcare services from thousands of doctors, hospitals, products & lots more just a touch away. All founding team members are passionate to the idea of improving the Indian healthcare industry. They are using their expertise to incubate PurpleHealth.com and dealing with the problems the Indian health space presents. Vikram Nair, CEO and co-founder of PurpleHealth.com carries over 15 years of experience working with technology and global outsourcing companies in leadership, strategy and product design roles. Dr. Nagarjun Mishra, Co-founder, Chief Officer – Business & Strategy is an emergency physician by education and comes with a wealth of experience in the Healthcare and Wellness sector. Mini Balaraman, next key member is the President/COO and a co-founder of PurpleHealth.com. She is responsible for day-to-day running of operations and works with hospitals and clinic administrators to ensure that PurpleHealth.com customers get great service.

In addition, Prakash Sathyapalan, CTO and co-founder is looking after all technology and development for PurpleHealth.com. He is focused on making PurpleHealth.com a world class product.

Carries a Diverse Spectrum of Solutions

As the Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow with a 22.9% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), PurpleHealth.com is bringing doctors, products and other services near to the patients. It delivers a large and diverse spectrum of solutions, services and products to consumers, healthcare providers and institutions. It is intended to play a substantial role in the growth of Indian healthcare industry with the delivery of health-on-demand to every individual anytime anywhere. Vikram Nair, CEO and co-founder of PurpleHealth.com said, “Currently, the Healthcare delivery ecosystem operates through individual, independent and unconnected silos. PurpleHealth aims to build collaborative healthcare distribution models with a common customer pool, through integrated technology.”

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Funding, Expanding Team and Product Portfolio

PurpleHealth has raised $100,000 from tech investor Katabole Technology Venture in May 2016. Dr.Nagarjun Mishra, Co-founder, Chief Officer – Business & Strategy shared, “The raised funds will be used to strengthen our team to build a collaborative healthcare distribution models with a common customer pool, through integrated technology.” When asked about the competition in this sector, Dr. Mishra replied, “There are companies in the healthcare space like Practo, Lybrate, DoctorInsta and many others. But out approach is generally different from others in the healthcare sector in that we have an integrated, ecosystem approach as opposed to single point solutions.”

An Exciting Roadmap

Mini Balaraman, President/COO and a co-founder of PurpleHealth.com syays, “We have a very exciting roadmap ahead including some never before seen products in the B2B and B2C spacethat we will announce in the next 2-3 months. This will include mobile apps and products to help consumers and health service providers better engage with each other.” She hopes that the focus on the products will increase efficiency, productivity and knowledge generation for PurpleHealth’s users.

Currently, the platform has 38,000+ doctors and 4,000+ hospitals in its network with many other pipeline products.

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