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On Tuesday, Startup India – the official Twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project shared two hateful messages tweeted by saffron and pro-modi trolls. The Start-up India was launched in January primarily to encourage entrepreneurship in the country however the retweets by the official twitter handle of the project on Tuesday was actually “unwarranted and irrelevant retweets” and nothing to do with startup or entrepreneurship, it was a complete blunder.

Two of the trolls tweeted at two different places: “Indian army should be freed for one day to take care of pro-Pak #Presstitutes to make these #ProPakDovesSilent for eternity” and “Rakhi Sawant is more useful to this nation than Meera Sood”, tagging it to #ProPakDovesSilent.

The pro-Modi social media trolls known to use abusive language at the drop of a hat as and when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is criticized. It would atleast seem so, if what happened over the last 48 hours on Twitter is any guide.

Meanwhile, suspicion went wild that @startupindia is being handled by saffron brigade, using abusive language against anyone critical of Modi. Said @truthofgujarat, managed by Gujarat-based rights activist Pratik Sinha, Government of India @startupindia retweeting tweets asking for killing of journos… Bhakt forgot to change ID before retweeting.”

A popular site,, commented, “Modi has long been criticised for allegedly encouraging the nasty right-wing Twitter trolls by even following some of them on the microblogging site”, pointing towards how on Tuesday, in late hours, the government’s official Twitter handle @startupindia, retweeted “right-wing trolls.”

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Later on Yesterday, @startupindia apologised to its over 39,000 followers after what it called “unwarranted and irrelevant retweets” led to a major controversy.

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