Chandigarh is known for its well-planned infra, highly efficient administration, wide roads, scenic beauty and many more. It is connected to Mohali and Panchkula- two adjoining cities and all together famous by the name of Tricity.  As having well-established IT parks in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali, the city beautiful is a domicile to a number of MNCs and service startup companies. With the promising opportunities and easy accessibility of resources, the city is emerging as a fast growing startup hub in India. It supports intellectual brains and new skills individual to start their own business hassle free.

Alongside, recently the city has succeeded to get Smart City up – gradation that is helping to strengthen the start-up culture in the city directly or indirectly. Whereas a number of well established service companies who are delivering services in overseas market already have made the city beautiful name famous across the border. On the other hand, a number of young minds are coming up with brilliant business ideas. Amidst the growing support from government, they felt encouraged to start their business.

What are the Key Advantages of Chandigarh city that Benefit Entrepreneurs?

There are a number of advantages because of which Chandigarh works as a best location for startups:

  • Well established infrastructure all along startup helpdesks including The Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) in IT Park, Chandigarh Startup Accelerator Chamber of Commerce (SACC), TIE (The Indus entrepreneurs), Chandigarh Chapter, Startup in a Box, Chandigarh Angels Network and many more.
  • Abundant educational institutions from where startups can easily source talent at low cost
  • Small city with closer locations and lesser traffic
  • Low ranted office space availability
  • Healthy leaving as less time wasted in traffic
  • Ample talent comes from the states like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh etc.

Here is list of some promising startups based out in Chandigarh:



Jugnoo, one of the most successful startups from the city beautiful is taking on demand auto rickshaw service to a new level. The idea was started by Samar Singla, Chinmay Agarwal, Isha Singla and Nitish Singh in November 2014 to deliver on demand auto rickshaw service at the customers’ door steps. Now the company has expanded its base in more than 30 cities and small towns pan India successfully and expanding in overseas market. It succeeded to raise $5 million in the first round of funding from e-commerce giant Paytm and Snow Leopard Technology Ventures. It has raised $5.5 mn in the second round of funding.  Again, this year in the month of April Paytm has invested $10 million under Series-B round of funding. Additionally, it is again focusing on JugnooMeals and Fatafat to deliver the different things at customers’ doorstep.

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MobiProbe, which is improving the quality of mobile apps for making their performance better is another fastest growing startup based out in the city beautiful. MobiProbe is a product from VityMobi is started by Manish Kumar in March 2015. On being asked why it is good to start a biz idea in Chandigarh, Manish Kumar, Founder, MobiProbe replied, “Starting a business and bootstrap is easy in Chandigarh in comparison to metro cities. Simply, it means that you need to spend small amount of money to start and establish your business here, whereas the saved amount can be utilized in other areas of product or business development.” He continued, “And for entrepreneurs like me who have roots here is like icing on the cake as the city is known for a good quality life.” Though he feel that Chandigarh’s startup ecosystem is in its nascent stage and a lot need to be changed to strengthen it because sometimes it make difficult for some startups get support and proper resources for help easily.

Within this short span of time, MobiProbe succeeded to make great achievements including becoming one among the top 30 technology companies selected by TechSparks 2015 and also a part of the NASSCOM 10,000 startups program. So far the startup has succeeded to gain a great traction among its customers who are mostly based out in Bangalore. MobiProbe offers top class experience to the users by helping to develop a bug-free app easily.

uTrade Solutions


uTrade Solutions is another well known startup headquarters in Chandigarh. It was made live by Kunal Nandwani along with his friends – Harwinder Sidhu, Ashish Groverand Mayank Mathur in 2011, to cater the needs of various industries like organizational investors, retail brokers and many others for modern trading solutions. Along with its new business plans and a strong clientele the company is well known globally. Whereas taking the business to the next level, recently, the company has launched “uClear” India’s first blockchain technology which will revolutionize the financial services industry by updating the methods of financial transactions followed by the Indian industry leaders so far. Though implementation of this technology in India will take some time because of some regulations but it has all set to continue partnering with industry leaders. It has clients from across the worlds who are adding value to their businesses by using uTrade customized trading solutions.

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Pumpkart, India’s first and largest online water pump megastore for all types of water pumps operates its business from Chandigarh. Founded by city based entrepreneur, K S Bhatia, who has committed to change the way the Indian water pump industry feels that operating business from Chandigarh is somewhat challenging but good choice for those who have  strong determination with good sense of business.  He said, “Initially we faced a number of challenges to manage logistic part of our business from Chandigarh but I must say it is the best city for those who have great idea and want to leave a peaceful life away from overcrowded metros cities. Also, ample of talent can be sourced easily from the educational institutions thrived in and around the city.”

Pumpkart was selected by Google as a Regional SME Hero and succeeded to get Sundar Pichai, Google CEO’s praise during the Digital India Submit in Sillicon Valley last year. Notably, recently pumpkart has also launched its own water pump brand named “Panatech” and also forayed into the service segment to take its core online water pump business to the next level.



iNVERTEDI is another startup based out in Chandigarh. It is in mobile application development domain working on developing customized apps and varied type of software for enterprises to manage businesses resources, accounts and inventory etc. efficiently.  The company was started by a group of techie lovers in 2012 to help enterprises to achieve business goals easily. So far, the company has created a wide range of robust apps to deliver flawless services to its clients from across the world.

Well, the list of startups based in Chandigarh is long and their growth graphs ensure that the city will become a fastest growing startup hub very soon. When looking at the best technology startups Click Labs, Bistro Offers, Bul Bul, The ActiFend Web Security Platform, Soulbowl, Code Brew Labs, and many others are few names that are making all efforts to change the status of city beautiful to a new startup hub in India.

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