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“Existing blood sugar monitoring glucometers are dumb, drain battery and need manual data entry,” says Manu Madhusudan, CEO & Co-founder of Cooey Technologies. Marrying user-centric design and smart technology, Bengaluru-based Cooey has released India’s first IOT glucometer that wirelessly syncs data with a smartphone.

Cooey’s Smart Glucometer is a small, pocket-sized device that is portable, connects to a smartphone using the 3.5mm headphone jack and transfers the readings automatically into the Cooey application. Cooey offers three smart devices, which are available on Flipkart and Amazon – Smart Glucometer(Flipkart), Blood Pressure Monitors (Flipkart) / Amazon)and Body Fat Analyzer (Flipkart / Amazon) – all of which connect seamlessly with the app.

“The android app, which can be downloaded from Google PlayStore, has already seen 90,000 downloads across the world indicating a strong need for effortless monitoring and diabetes management,” says T P Prabhakaran, Co-founder and COO. Cooey plans to release an iOS app for Apple devices soon.

“It is automatic and simple,” says Madhusudan. “The blood glucose levels are measured through a drop of blood on a strip in the smart glucometer and the data is automatically logged. Complete access to history, patterns, spikes and other data to track the progress of the patient is available, can be shared with the doctor through WhatsApp, text message or e-mail, allowing enormous convenience. Mistakes in manual entry of values, forgetfulness or forgetting to carry records is completely eliminated,” claims Madhusudan.

“The day is not far off,” says Madhusudan,” when Cooey can remind you to drink water or exercise or offer diabetes-friendly food options based on location data, promising a painless diabetes management experience.”

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About Cooey

Cooey is an end-to-end IoT-enabled chronic health-monitoring platform which allows its users to self-manage (log and analyze), educate and share/interact with a physician and other service providers with help of its ‘App’. It provides insights and personalized health tips to patients based on their medical profile. The initial focus is on managing hypertension and diabetes. Users can use smart devices viz., Smart Glucometers, Blood Pressure Monitors and Body Fat Analyzers seamlessly or through voice commands, screen capture and manual methods to log data.

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