Fast food restaurant chain KFC has launched a new revolutionary meal box which can charge your phone too. This limited edition meal box called ‘Watt A Box’ is available in India only and comes with a built-in power bank and Android/Apple USB cables, and of course five food menu items.

So, this new limited edition ‘KFC Watt A Box’ will not only fill you up but also your smartphone.

This is a limited-edition item that will be gifted to select customers at certain KFC locations in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, though KFC India’s website warns that the offer is not valid in airport outposts and in Medicity, a medical institute in Gurgaon.

Notably, KFC is not a first food chain to high-tech for a marketing stunt, McDonalds in Sweden transformed happy meal box into a virtual reality goggles while pizza hut in Hong Kong turned the boxes into movie projects. In India however this is for the first time food chain has gone so high-tech for a marketing stunt.

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