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The education segment was never popular as before. Nowadays online education classes, entrance test preparation, study material, faculty and lots more ideas are controlling the industry and responsible for revolutions at various level. In recent surveys, the total value of the Indian education market is estimated about USD 100 billion and edtech startups contribution is the most significant as they are playing key role in transforming the market trends as never before.

The brigade of young entrepreneurs is coming up with interesting edtech ideas solving the problems of parents and students and emerging as leading players in the education industry. While Pune-based Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) has started India’s first education focused accelerator programme with an aim to offer support to nourish the budding startups. It has selected first 4 edtech startups for mentoring and funding support recently. All these startups cater different segments of education industry and contribute to fee payment to career guidance and others.

Know about the Shortlisted Startups –

Classboat – Taking Hobby Classes Near To the Users


How to connect students to curated skill educators? This is where Classboat comes in. This Pune- based startup sails through the variety of hobby classes in different cities to groom different age groups students’ skills and talent. Founded by Chaitanya Salgarkar and Renu Shirurkar in 2015, Classboat helps students to find and select classes, like film making, art, dance, cooking, management, language learning, health & fitness, among others, in a particular city. It partners with class providers and individual instructors for 200+ categories about 10,000+ skills and knowledge based courses that users can choose as per their choice. Even students can book demo sessions conveniently online.

Jay & Renu hopes that the selection for Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Edugild Programme will benefit with mentor support, institutional tie ups and testing ground of product in MIT campus. They says, “In a short span we are trusted and loved by 1000+ institutes and instructors in Pune and around cities as we are helping them to boosts revenue much faster than traditional marketing methods. We provide them premium listing for aggressive promotion and branding to reach more than 40,000+ keen learners in Pune only. On the other hand, aspiring students book free trial classes as per their ease all along receiving exclusive cash- backs and discounts on enrollment with many other benefits.” The startup is growing 5% average rate every week with strong word of mouth marketing from students and institute tie ups. They consider Justdial and UrbanPro competitors but thinks that the partnership with the academic instructors market will help them to be leader in near future.

Simulanis – Allows Learning through 3D Gaming

Raman Talwar, CEO & Founder of Simulanis

Raman Talwar, CEO & Founder of Simulanis

Delhi-based startup Simulanis is launched by Raman Talwar in November 2013. It uses 3D gaming and augmented reality based tools for making engineering learning easy and fun frolic. It has developed immersive and interactive products to facilitate learning within the higher education domain. Raman Talwar, CEO & Founder, Simulanis says, “We started out by addressing the root cause of the problem of skills-gap through the launch of industrially-relevant professional engineering training courses, ultimately pivoting to develop cutting-edge and revolutionary technology products leveraging on AR and VR to fulfil the same ambition.” He hopes that MIT have the excellent mentor network that will extend support to achieve the set goals easily.

Instafeez – Improving Fee payment Methods

Instafeez Founders - Girish Savadatti, Ravi Linganuri and Raguram Linganuri

Instafeez Founders – Girish Savadatti, Ravi Linganuri and Raguram Linganuri

Girish Savadatti, Ravi Linganuri and Raguram Linganuri have launched Instafeez in August 2015. It provides easy fee payment solutions for education service providers including institutions, schools, colleges and others so that students and their parents can make fee payments as per their convenience anytime and anywhere. It covers all segments from Pre-K, K12, higher education, vocational courses, and supplementary skills; training institutes etc. through a strategic partnership with different banks and ERP service providers. The startup aims to help institutions to become more efficient with modernized finance and admin practices. The founders team shares that they are getting very good response from students’ parents and institution and had done over 15000+ successful transactions with featuring of a number of study institutions from all segments.

Gradopedia – Addressing Right Career Selection Problem


Hitesh Awtaney

Next startup is Mumbai-based Gradopedia, which is launched by Hitesh Awtaney in 2015 for helping those graduates who face difficulties to select a right study programme for themselves. It functions as an engine which not only filters quality graduates for recruiters but also leaves improvement tips for candidates so that they keep building their skills and learning. Hitesh Awtaney, Co-founder Gradopedia shares that, “I had have spent over six months to interact with the students, recruiters, young professionals to understand the real gap and opportunities of this segment. We help students in career discovery & assessment through virtual job profiles and by providing the answers for their technical questions from professionals.” This platform would help students to take an informed decision about choosing a right career path for themselves.

A number of startups had pitched their ideas to be one among the above mentioned startups but failed. All these selected startups will undergo for a 16-weeks residential programme and get extensive mentorship sessions from industry leaders + investors + VCs +MIT alumni and others. Also, the industry exposure and product testing benefits are offered along mzny others for their growth during the programme.

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