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Former Developer At ISRO Launches Online Designer Tailor Shop For Women In Ahmedabad



We all have heard about online grocery delivery services, online laundry services and even online bike taxi services, but have you ever heard about an online tailor? Well, if you haven’t, you’re reading just the right thing. Say hello to TailorZone, a Ahmedabad based online tailor shop for women.

This unique concept startup currently operating in Ahmedabad is making the lives of various women much easier and faster by offering them doorstep stitching services. (Hasn’t this always been your dream? ) In order to avail their services, a customer is just required to schedule a pick-up request. Once the request is made, a tailor visits the house of the customer and collects their order. Further, once the work is done, the final garment product is delivered back to the customer’s house. The procedure is extremely easy to understand and follow.


Priyanka Brahmbhatt

This idea for an online tailor came to its founder Priyanka Brahmbhatt basically because of two reasons. Firstly, some time ago she had a horrifying experience where she wasn’t able to manage a decent tailor when she was stuck in a real crisis situation. This really made her ponder about the tailor crisis being faced by womean today. Secondly, Priyanka’s very own mother is a very well experienced tailor and an educator of the art herself. In order to continue her mother’s lineage in entrepreneurship and art for stitching, she decided to start TailorZone. Priyanka herself has a degree of software engineer to her credit and has worked in the IT sector in the past. She has worked as a Java developer with India’s top organization ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). Priyanka is currently managing the role of Co-Founder and Brand Manager at TailorZone.

The startup mainly wants to come to the rescue of 21st century working women, the one who has time for everyone except herself. With their service, they want to save their time of finding a decent tailor and visiting them to and fro for various stitching related issues. In order to make sure that they reach their target customers, they are making sure that they have their presence on all the new and trendy social media platforms. Since people don’t have much time on their hand nowadays and mobile is one thing that is almost there in every 21st century person’s hand, their main focus is on mobile based platform.

The self-funded startup was successful in fetching more than 50 orders within the first 5-6 weeks of their launch. The numbers have been scaling ever since.

And, for all those men reading the article and thinking, why is the service only exclusive to men? Well, don’t you worry. Opening the platform for men is on the short term priority plans of the startup. Further, they also plan to launch their Express Service, where the garments will be delivered in just 48 hours. As far as their long term plans are concerned, the startup aims to target the corporate sector soon and offer personalised designing consultant to people.

So, you know now whom you need to contact whenever there’s an emergency tailor situation in the house.

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