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Bengaluru-based Rapido today announced the launch of their bike taxi services and operations in Gurgaon. The Rapido, App providing bike taxis is your swiftest, cost-effective and secure mode to travel within the city and traverse long distances in no time. At the moment, there are 50 bikes across Gurgaon and the number is set to touch 500 over the next 2 months. Next time you are held up in piling traffic, think smart, and choose Rapido! Rapido’s pricing is transparent and price charts are mentioned both online and on the app, it charges Rs. 5 per KM and no waiting charges. You can also simultaneously calculate your fare with the aid of the fare calculator on the app.

rapido_custRapido a Bangalore based startup is a platform where one can book a bike ride through a mobile app for travelling solo. Rapido aims to disrupt the way people travel intracity, brought to you by a bunch of IITians looking to make life easier for people.

With its headquarters in Bengaluru, Rapido has shown immense growth since its inception and has executed more than 1 Lakh rides till date. Rapido has 400+ riders on road on a daily basis in Bengaluru and has up to 85% of repeat customers every day. The App has reached a milestone of 50K+ downloads, 100K rides and has also garnered 4 star app rating and 100% app bookings.

Rapido is brought to you by a bunch of IITians whose motive is to make daily local commute easier. It aims at solving the mounting intracity traffic predicaments. With the urban population at a constant rise and four-wheelers and cabs overcrowding roads at every turn, here’s a solution that’s is reducing the carbon footprint at a massive scale in turn helping save Mother Nature, the intensifying need of the hour! With their tagline Ride Solo, here’s what Aravind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido had to say, “More than 60% of the working population changes 3 modes of transportation services while commuting on a daily basis. We want to provide a convenient, reliable, economical solution to travel short distances. There are 20 million unemployed people in India and our target is to reduce the number by offering them means of livelihood while also turning them into entrepreneurs.”

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Their vision is what makes them different from the other bike taxis in the city. They want to build a community where riders with a spare seat on their two-wheeler get to meet other riders who are open to the idea of sharing a bike ride to travel over distances within the city. So, while you save time and money, the biker on the Rapido platform gets the opportunity to earn some extra money. An easy user interface let’s you identify where the nearest rider is and request a booking within seconds. Cancellations are also effortless and free!

Speaking about safety measures, Aravind added, “Safety and customer convenience is our priority and we make sure certain measures like; Ride test, vehicle inspection, document & police verifications and training for the bikers are taken care of. We have an NPS of 85 which is the highest in this industry. NPS (Net Promoter Score) is calculated from the feedback after each ride.”

Pavan G, Founder, Rapido added, “Entire team has expertise on on-demand transportation services which helps us to stay ahead in the race and being the first of its kind, we not only comprehend the market better but also design and alter our product accordingly. More than the financial gains, a deep insight into the psyche of the customers is crucial to thrive in this space. The bike taxi market is more advanced than the taxi market and there is ample space for vertical players to fit in.”

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