Four Indian startups have defeated 76 other startups to win the race to be selected in Airbus BizLab’s six month business accelerator program. The selected four are, Open Turf, Blue Morfo, Shoonya Games and Qualitas.

In addition to these four Indian startups, another startup having Indian connections in the program is Velmenni, a startup that functions in Estonia and India, and is currently making use of visible light to build a new wireless technology for high speed data transmission. It was among the six lucky and innovative startups selected from Hamburg.

During the six months program, the selected startups will be provided with various opportunities to interact and learn from a large number of Airbus experts belonging to various domains like legal, marketing, technology, finance etc. In order to provide them more focused help and guidance, they will each be also provided with a dedicated mentor of their own.

In addition to all this, the startups will also be provided with their own office space and full right to make use of test facilities and prototyping. Further, it also opens the doors for them to have an exclusive demo day with the Airbus partners, decision makers, customers and subsidiaries. During this, venture capital will also be offered to the startups.

Airbus BizLab is a globally known and acknowledged aerospace business accelerator that provides startups, entrepreneurs and Airbus “intrapreneurs” (a term used to describe Airbus internal entrepreneurs) a platform to come together and work towards making their innovative business ideas turn into a reality.

So, what made these four Indian startups make the cut?

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1) Open Turf is a startup that’s enthusiastically working towards making wireless in-flight entertainment a reality using the passengers’ own personal electronic devices. The startup aims to build the largest content distribution and delivery networks for the last mile

2) Blue Morfo is currently in the midst of inventing a mobile application that will be not only able to detect the symptoms of specific corporate culture health related issues but also prevent them. It is expected to detect health risks like cabin pressurization, the airline crews exposure to jetlag, etc.

3) Qualitas is a unique startup providing automated quality inspection systems for manufacturing. These systems by the company are known to specialize in 2D and 3D machine vision.

4) Shoonya Games– As the name suggests, this is a gaming focused startup that is currently very dedicatedly working on making used of technologies like Virtual Reality and 3D technologies that are embedded in mobile phones for marketing and training purposes.

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