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We all have our specific brand of hygiene products that we like to use. We create this habit over time and eventually become very peculiar about them and would not like to use a replacement. For men it might be something like a shaving blade or a particular aftershave and for women something as simple as the shampoo they use. These products are very important to everyone and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Yelow (Yeh – Low) is a startup that realizes this utter need and has stepped in to help.


Based out of Mumbai, Yelow is a personal care concierge service that takes care of our every-day essential products. They know that out there are some products that we cannot absolutely do without. If we can’t find a particular things, we might as well go back to bed. Every time we are running low on them we need to go out and buy some more. Yelow comes into the picture here. It is a smart lifestyle E-Commerce platform, which enhances the users’ shopping experience through innovative product filters, smart recommendation and an easy-to-pick kit based system.

You can go on their platform and make a kit of your essentials, which they store in their system for further use or reference. An intelligent product tracker keeps a record of all your essential products, the usage cycle and reminds you well in time to reorder so you never run out of these when you need them the most.




Nakul Vakil – Cofounder and CEO (
The Business Dev Star!
He is the design and business development head of the team. Nakul has a degree in electronics engineering and an MBA from Indian School of Business. His past experience includes a family business, a startup and work at L&T.

Arjun Shah – Cofounder and COO (
The Strategy Champ!
He has an MBA from Indian School of Business and a degree in E-Commerce from the London School of Economics, Arjun is the strategy pillar of the company. His past experiences include Strategy Consultant at EY and HERO Motocorp.
Viraj Mehta – Cofounder and CFO (
The Finance Guru
A Chartered Accountant and a CFA Level III candidate, Viraj has an MBA from the Indian School of Business. He is the finance head of the company with past experience in KPMG as a tax consultant.

Bhejash Joshi – Cofounder and CTO (
The Tech Genius
Bhejash holds a master in Computer Science from the San Jose State University and currently on a sabbatical from Stanford University while working on his PhD. Bhejash is a serial entrepreneur and the technology genius of the team. Past Experience includes NASA, E-MediWorld, YouMapper, Alive Mind Creatives Pvt. Ltd.

What’s Different

They are the only start up with a strategic partnership with an importer in the personal care and hygiene space. Ador group brings their diverse experience in the field of Personal care products. Yelow is like your personalized ecommerce platform, where you can make a kit and they will take care of the rest.

Apart from this , Yelow boasts of features like:
• Intelligent Product Tracker and Reminder
• Innovative Product Filters/Easy-to-pick kit based system
• NFC Tagged Products (Single Tap Reorder)
• Smart inventory. Limited stocking of inventory based on a week of predicted orders.


  • A smart, educated shopper who likes to pick the right product out of the thousands of options available.
  • A young working couple who do not get the time to make a shopping list and hate last minute run to buy these.
  • An urban Indian who wants to be educated and stay hygienic always as regards to the personal care products.
  • An aspiring Tier II and Tier III city citizen who likes the best products in the country at your doorstep regularly.
  • A teenager who wants to know & buy the product you need, within the comfort of your room.
  • A nonchalant individual who would like someone to help make him a Ready Kit, which takes care of his basic needs.


In February 2016 the startup has been funded (undisclosed amount) by 1908 Eventures Pvt. Ltd which is one of a subsidiaries of Ador Multiproducts Ltd. (AMPL), a part of the Rs. 500 Crore ($115Mn.) Ador Group. The firm has taken a small equity stake in the startup.


In the short span of time that they have seen a tremendous response. They have had a total turnover of Rs. 4.23 Lakh. They have the blueprint for their future ready with them. Their goals for the future are very clearly listed below

  • They want to enlist all the brands available be it domestic or international brands. Apart from this they also want to launch a Private Label which might be launched in the next three months.
  • They also want to expand to the rest of the country as well.
  • They want to Launch Clubs for Specific Categories: Yelow Shave Club, Yelow Parcel – which sell branded goods & private label to create niche subscription packages for consumers.

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