Up until now the control of the Internet was majorly in the hands of the US government, but that changed a few days ago. We are referring to the internet’s naming and numbering systems which had been completely under the control of the US. One fine afternoon, within the walls of a conference room a transfer of power took place in a quiet and calm manner. It was the officials of the Icann on one side and negotiators from several countries of the north on the other and after a lot of negotiation, they finally agreed on a deal.

The new plan is that the ICANN will no longer be overseen by the US government, it’s ropes will go into the hands of a lesser known organisation that will have a number of countries on board.

At the time of inception of ICANN in 1998, the plan was to let the US (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) run it for a year or two after which it was supposed to become an independent entity. In the last 20 years, officials from the UN’s International Telecommunication Union have tried to take over ICANN, but there was resistance from the US for the same. This arrangement worked for a while, but when the internet became the ground for transactions in the range of millions of dollars, there was a more unrest among nations across the world. At this point, it did not seem like a good idea to let one country control such an important organisation all by itself. There were even claims that the government abused its power under the umbrella of ICANN. After revelations by Snowden in 2013, it was time to put an end to this. It was time to globalise the IANA.

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In 2014, Brazil’s president Roussef announced a global meeting to discuss the issue and to take a decision. But a few weeks before the meeting the US announced that it was a ready to give up control of the IANA by itself. It took almost two years, 32000 emails and 600 meetings to finally come up with a system that was agreeable to everyone. IANA is finally independent but still under ICANN. Meetings have been going on for days on the issue of trust and honesty and a consensus had finally been achieved.

No one can say if this new plan of multiple stakeholders will work or not but one thing is clear that the system is going to become more honest and transparent than before.



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