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The heart pounds at the same rate. 97 percent…98 percent and then, it gets stuck at 99 percent showing the no network signal. Does this often happen to you too? Don’t you get overly annoyed when your internet connection just dies at a crucial point or when it runs at a pace slower than a snail? Some of these aforementioned situations are among the top 10 fearful situations one dreads of in the 21st century. Though dial-up connections have now been replaced by new and better Wi-Fi technology, but the speed issue hasn’t been resolved fully.

In order to make sure that you extract the best speed out of your current Wi-Fi connection without spending much from your pocket, we here at IndianWeb2 have discovered 4 ways through which you yourself will be able to increase the Wi-Fi speed in your house.

Before beginning with the ways, I would recommend you to check out this website called The Global Broadband Internet Speed Test ( and take a test of your Internet’s speed. It the results shows a minimum download speed of 25Mbps; then congratulations, mate you have got an above average internet speed there which is capable to run multiple users and devices.

1) Give your router a change of place –

If you have to play a find the mystery box game with your router to locate it, then it’s time to make the big move. According to experts, the best place for your router is right in the center of your house. According to them, the signal of your Wi-Fi is inversely proportional to its distance from the router. More the distance, less the signal and similarly, less the distance, stronger the signal. Further, make sure the router is not in a closed container, cabinet etc. Additionally, keep the router away from any kind of physical obstruction or electrical devices.

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2) Time to upgrade that old-old router –

You can’t expect a 100 years old man to run the marathon and win it. Would you? This is exactly the scenario with a lot of Wi-Fi routers. The thing is, older model routers function according to older Wi-Fi standards. Thus, they are not that capable of handling multiple devices.

In order to check yours, Google your router’s model number and find out its wireless standards. If its standards are 802.11ac, which are the newest wireless standards, there’s nothing to worry. But, if it’s anything other than that, it’s time to go for an upgrade.

3) Adjust your router’s antenna –

In order to extract a strong signal from your existing router, try positioning your router’s antennas. Try making one vertical and one horizontal. Positioning the antennas perpendicular to one another will make sure that at least one of them is aligned to the antenna of the particular device you’re using.

4) Time to change your wireless channel –

All the routers in your neighbourhood can really affect the signal of your router. Mostly all the neighbourhood routers are set to the same channel by default, hence the signal becomes weaker. One can fix this by finding a less crowded channel for their router.


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