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GetBlu Team


Time is money. And, in this 21st century, we hardly have time for ourselves, leave alone taking out time to search different service providers for availing different services that we might need around the house or in our day to day life. The startup industry hasn’t been far behind in recognising this need and has come with several several different services for car rental, driver on demand, carpentry services and what not.

One industry among many is ‘Home Service’ industry and in India it is highly disorganized and many industry sources claim that currently it holds an opportunity ranging from $100 Bn-$400 Bn.

Mumbai-based IIM-IIT alumni-led startup GetBlu is the marketplace for home booking services that strives to make booking experience a quick and easy process for the customers.

Using the platform, a user will be able to find service professionals nearby to their areas, as per their need and view their price reviews and rating. After comparing, they can select the professionals of their choice and book their services.

Though there are many successful players already operating in the service marketplace domain like Urbanclap, Housejoy etc, but, unfortunately, none of them so far had a solution that fixes the asymmetry present in the services industry currently. Most of the current players either just provide very basic information of the service providers which isn’t of much use to users or are plain lead generators.

This is where GetBlu distinguishes itself from the rest. The GetBlu platform has been specially designed keeping in mind the current problems that users face. In order to make the platform accessible to all, the User-Interface (UI) has been kept very intuitive and simple.


“Unlike our competition, we provide complete information on the service professionals to the users that enables them to make an informed decision without ever having to overpay or get delayed service”, says Rohit Harlalka, one of the co-founder of Getblu.

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Rohit further added, “There’s huge competition in this place, with many player raising Millions of dollars from the market, like Urbanclap, HouseJoy etc., but none of them have a solution that treats the services industry on the asymmetry that plagues it. Most of them are either lead generators, or provide very basic information that don’t give the necessary power of information to the users.”

Considering the tough competition in the market, the startup has put in extra effort to make itself stand different from the crowd. The platforms have been designed by keeping in mind the current problems being faced by the customers. Further, the user interface has been kept very simple and intuitive so as to make the platform a cakewalk for even the people without a strong tech orientation.

The startup, which received a seed funding of an undisclosed amount in July last year is the brainchild of 6 IITians and IIM alumnus. Rohit Harlalka, Chetan Patil ,Karthik CV , Madhvendra Kumar, Srriram Sekhar and Jeet Kumar, all have a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry.

With a perfect plan and team in place, they aim to make 2016 their year by scaling their operations to 7 cities, provide 50+ services in a span of one year, reach 1500 orders per day and have half a million users on the platform.


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