elearnmarkets founders

Co-founders of Elearnmarkets – Vivek Bajaj, Vineet Patawari and Abhijit Paul (L-R)

Whether you’re an engineer, a writer, a housewife or even an actor, in order to survive this fast-paced world one needs to have some basic knowledge about the big and confusing world of finance. Understanding the financial ignorance present in the world right now is Elearnmarkets, a Kolkata based ed-tech startup. According to them, they’re on a mission to spread financial literacy in the citizens of India, focussing small businesses.

Launched in January last year, the startup provides everyone a chance to gain basic finance knowledge by enrolling themselves in the various online courses it offers – both free as well as paid. In order to make financial learning a fun and easy process, the integrated learning platform consists of games, interactive learning tools, learning videos, blogs for market intelligence, market community and data analytic tools etc.

The startup boasts that the jewel in their crown is an online Joint Certification Program on capital Markets that it offers along with National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE). Apart from this, it has recently signed an MoU with MCX for introducing courses on the commodity markets in the near future.

In order to spread the wings of financial literacy in India, their main plan is to make use of the digital world to the fullest. Further, they not only want people to receive the knowledge but also understand and apply it in their daily lives. They aim to make this possible by making use of multiple options of e-learning formats such as Instructor-Led Recorded Programs and Live-Interactive Program etc. which are updated on a regular basis by the means of various online tools and frequently scheduled webinars.

The currently bootstrapped company has an excellent track record having already helped more than 13,000 Registered Users and 900 premium users to learn financial wisdom through its 80+courses. All these online courses are available in Hindi, English and other vernacular languages.

The platform is a great medium not only for financial knowledge seekers but also for finance practitioners and experts as they can now host their live or recorded courses on the platform on a revenue sharing model.

In what could be considered just as another feather in its cap, the startup has partnered with big names like National Stock Exchange and MCX to offer Joint Venture Certification Courses.

The three spearheading the financial literacy movement in the country are Vivek Bajaj, Vineet Patawari and Abhijit Paul. While Vivek and Vineet are IIM Indore graduates, Abhijit is a MBA in finance from a reputed college. They all have had a strong financial background and hence occupy various prominent roles in the working of the startup.

With online education market in India expected to cross the $40 billion by the year 2017, Elearnmarkets.com surely has a high growth potential.

Elearnmarkets.com wants to become the Brand Ambassador of Financial Literacy and want to launch courses in other finance domains like Banking, Insurance, KPO, etc. They further want to expand their online presence in emerging countries in APAC region where financial market is growing. “We will also explore e-Learning opportunities in domains other than finance & financial markets. Apart from this, in 5 years – we want to become AMAZON of finance & financial markets – market place (intermediary) for buying & selling anything related to finance and financial markets.” says Vineet Patawari.



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